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20-05-08, 11:57
I am looking for decendents of the Heiki Bjorkbacka family, b. 1850, from the Alajarvi area, Moksy, in particular, in particular his daughter, Johanna B. b. 1876-1896 who came to the US as a young girl and his son, Antti B. b. 1881, who also came to the US and then on to Canada.

Karen Norwillo
20-05-08, 16:20
I believe this may be Johanna (Hanna) arriving 1910. She's from Alajärvi and is going to aunt Tilda Janson in Clifford, WI. But it says father is Matti Bjorkbacka in Alajärvi. There is another arrival in 1897, going to an aunt in NY.

June Pelo
20-05-08, 17:09
HisKi shows that Johan Erik Johansson Björkbacka married 22 Dec 1844 in Alajärvi to Anna Caisa Johansdotter Nygård, from Björkbacka farm. They had 5 children:
Johannes, b. 1845
Maja Greta, b. 1847
Matts, b. & d. 1849
Henrik, b. 30 Dec 1850 (your Henrik?)
Lisa, b. 1854

HisKi records don't extend to cover Johanna's and Antti's births.

Karen Norwillo
20-05-08, 19:36
It looks like maybe the Hanna I found is the daughter of Matts, Heikki's (Henrik) brother. Karen

Karen Norwillo
20-05-08, 20:12
Here's the Bjorkbacka farm in Möksy, Alajärvi in 1880.

Karen Norwillo
20-05-08, 21:09
On TALKO, there are more children listed for Johan Erik and Anna Caisa. There's another Matti born 21 Jun 1857 who married Hanna Juhontytär Harju.
Matti's father Juha Erkki Juhanpoika was born 16 Jan 1821 and mother Anna Kaisa Juhantytär Nygård 1822. All from Alajärvi.
This seems to match the family found above in 1880.

30-05-08, 12:06
I believe the Johanna Bjorkbacka you are looking for is the same Hanna Bjorkbacka that came to the USA with my grandmother Matilda Paalijarvi, born 1876 in Alajarvi (Paalijarvi). There were 4 girls Josefina Kanervikkoaho 1880, Hanna Bjorkbacka 1876, Lena Murtomiemi 1878 and my grandmother. They all got their passports on the same day in Finland 03-09-1896. I've been able to trace Josefina Kanervikkoaho to California where she died in Santa Barbara as a housekeeper. Her death record is Josephine Kaner. I tried to trace the others, Hanna and Lena, but without much luck. I have in my notes that Bjorkbacka could have been changed to Jerbacka upon arrival in the US. Family history is that my grandmother lived in NY and worked for a few years before moving to Atlantic Mine, Michigan, where she married in 1901. It is possible that all the girls stayed in NY to work upon arrival.

I'll search some more and see if we can make a connection, I've always wondered what happen to the girls my grandmother traveled with.

June Pelo
30-05-08, 16:34
The name also could have been changed to Björk or Birch, which is the English translation of Björk. My parents knew several people who changed their name from Björk to Birch when they emigrated.

30-05-08, 19:22
Coud this be the right Antti BjörkbacKa?

Boston Passanger List
Arrival date sept 1897
Age 17 years
Estimated birth year abt 1880
Gender Male
Port of departure Liverpool
Ship name Scythia
Port of arrival Boston
He´s from Veteli and he is going to cousin E Goffrey Together with him on the trip is Axel Poltona 17 also from Veteli an dhe is going to his sister E Goffrey in Potoma Mass

MVH Kerstin

24-05-10, 20:34
My paternal grandmother, Johanna Puotinen was born Johanna Bjorkbacka, in 1876, married Elias Bjorkbacka in this country, from Evijärvi, Finland. However, I believe she may have emigrated to the US around 1892-3 and married soon after arriving in the US. They settled in the Crystal Falls/Amasa, Michigan area where they farmed. Their oldest (of 15, 12 surviving to adulthood) children was my uncle Emil, born 1894. My father was Heino Puotinen (1911-1991) My grandfather also ran, for a while, the Hematite Mercantile Company in Amasa and my grandmother was realted to the Hurja family. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emil_Hurja) I believe Emil Hurja's father, Matt (Matti) was my grandmother Johanna's cousin, but may be wrong about that specific relationship. Have little information beyond that about Johanna.

24-05-10, 20:36
Several Bjorkbackas also used the Finnish equivalent "Koivumäki" here and in Finland.