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27-05-08, 14:07
I´m looking for information about Anders Isaksson Knuts who changed his name to Wicklund. He lived 1879-1928. came to Washington (state) in 1900. I believe he wasn´t married, but i´m not sure!

I´m also looking for his siblings:
Isak Isaksson Knuts, 1881-1936, 1902 to Washington.
Kristian Vilhelm Isaksson Knuts born 1878. 1898 to Wisconsin, worked in the woods, last heard from in 1925.
Hanna Isaksdotter Knuts 1887, 1909 to Chicago, maid. married 1914, to an american.
Anna Brita Isaksdotter Knuts,1893-1930, married Peterson (Petterson), to Butte 1914, died in an explosion october 29 1930.

I am looking for their children and grandchildren, or any information at all! =)

28-05-08, 01:48

When Isak Knuts comes to New york on the 7 of dec 1902 on the ship Philadelphia from Southampton he is gonig to his brother A Wiklund in Duluth Minnesota.

And when Anna Brita Knuts from Munsala arrives to New york on the 15 of April 1915 she is going to her couisin Meri Henriksson in Butte Montana. In Finland she has got her father Isak Knuts in Munsala.

And this is from Border Crossings From Canada to US 1895-1956 about Andrew Wicklund. He is coming from Vancouver Brithish Columbia in jul 1913 and he is going to Seattle Washington. His father is Isaac in Munsala. He is working as a cigarr store clerk.

And Here I Think it is Anna Brita and her family from the cencus of 1920
Oscar Peterson 28 Born in Finland and has immigrated in 1910. Miner
Annie Peterson 26 Immigrated from Finland in 1915
Carl Peterson 2
Ethel Peterson 1

And they still live in Butte in 1930 and Oscar is a landlord in a lodging house and Anna is the housekeeper. Their son Carl A is 12 years old and their daughter Ethel is 11.

But now I Have to go and sleep.

MVH Kerstin

28-05-08, 08:50
There is a WW1 draft regristration card fr Oscar Peterson . He is born on the 4 of january 1891 in Waasa Finland . He is married and got 1 child and lives in Butte Montana and are working as a miner.

Montana death index 1907-2002 about Anna Peterson
Name Anna Peterson
Age 37
Estimated birth year abt 1893
Gender Female
Death date 29 okt 1930
Death county Silwer Bow
Index number Bt 7641
Source Montana Office of Vital Statistics

In cencus 1920 Andrew Wicklund lives in Port Angeles, Clallam Washington. He iis clerk in a hotel

Kristian Knuts arrives in Boston in April 1899 on the Ship New England from Liverpool. He is going to his friend J Jacobsson in North Wanssau Michigan. He is coming from Munsala and here it says that he is born abt 1868, but that is wrong.

MVH Kerstin

28-05-08, 09:36
thanks a lot for this information!! I have to tell my mother about this, she doesn´t know anything about what happened to these people. Now i´ll try to find the grandchildren of these. where do you get your informtaion from?

28-05-08, 10:39
there is another sister too, Maria Lovisa Isaksdotter Knuts 1879, to florida, I don´t know when..she came back to Finland and got married here, but is there any information about what she did in Florida?
And also my great grandfather: Johannes Isaksson Knuts born
7.10.1883-17.2.1973 .1907 to Colorado
later to Washington (state)-1913. what did he do there?

28-05-08, 10:45
hello again! =) did you find anything about Hanna Isaksdotter Knuts 1887, 1909 to Chicago, maid. married 1914, to an american.

thank you very much again!
if you are looking for relatives in finland, I have a program at work where I can look up peoples addresses and phone numbers, sometimes even work places.

28-05-08, 11:19

what do you think about this? there is a ethel peterson in the list...

28-05-08, 12:59

Your great grandfather Johannes Knuts is going to Silverton Colorado to visit his friend Johan Widd when he arravies to Boston on the 4 of may 1907. He is arriving on the ship Arabic from Liverpool.

I found the information on Ancestry.

MVH Kerstin

28-05-08, 13:50
You can also try http://www.usgenweb.org/

MVH Kerstin

28-05-08, 18:00
Can you read Swedish ? There are 2 books of K-G Olin
" Vad gjorde farfar i Klippga Bergen ? Namnlista" and " Klippiga Bergen" that I can rekommend you to read. They describe howe the immigrants from Österbotten lived in Butte Montana and other places in the Rocky Mountins.

MVH Kerstin

29-05-08, 08:41
Hi! jo, jag är svenskspråkig. har läst flera böcker av k-g olin, men inte just dom här, tänkte låna dem på biblioteket. =) tack för all hjälp ännu en ång!

07-08-14, 15:36

Now it´s year 2014..and I still haven´t found more on these ones..still looking for the following, maybe there are more information to get from registers now..:

Anders (Andrew) Isaksson Knuts Wicklund born june 15 1879/80 - dec 11 1928 To avoid army 1898 to Duluth Minnesota, to miss Anna Nyman?? later Clallam, Wash. Hotel clerk and tobacco store clerk. Visited Vancouver, back to Seattle 1913. Married to Lizzie Damilson ??? Daughter Lena A Knuts ?, died of tuberculosis 16yrs old. Also married to Emma Wilhelmina Birgitte Larsen.
Had a son Frank C Wicklund?
WICKLUND, ANDREW -- Age about 35, born in Finland. Died Dec. 11, 1928, City Hospital, Seattle, Wash. Cause of death: epilepsy. Laborer. Father: Isaac Wicklund (b. Finland). Mother: Carrie (b. Finland). Body to University of Washington for anatomical purposes, Dec. 13, 1928.

Was Frank married and had children? is he still alive? Siblings?

Next person, Andrews brother:
Isak Isaksson Knuts (Isac Isaacson) jan 27 1881/82 - sept 28 1936. to avoid army 1902 to Duluth, Minnesota,going to Andrew W. Woodsman. Single. Found them both on Ellis. But did he get married/children??

one more brother:
Kristian Vilhelm Isakson Knuts jan 30 1878. In 1898 to North Wausau, Wisconsin. Woodsman,single. Not heard from since 1925. To Mr J. Jacobson. So what happened to him??

AND one more brother:
Matts (Mattias) Isaksson Knuts may 10 1885-21.5.1921 (or 1923 or 21/5 1917) Transvaal South Africa 1905, miner,married to a norwegian woman.

They also had 2 sisters, that I know something about but not about their children..

the sisters:
Katarina Johanna (Hannah)Isakasdotter Knuts 1889/1887? To cousin Hanna Johnson Chicago. Child: ruth E born 1901?

Anna (Annie) Brita Isaksdotter Knuts 1893 married to Oscar Peterson (Pettersson) f.14.1.1891,miner, WW1 Karl Oscar died: 03 Mar 1939 at 48 years. Children: Carl R P 1918 Ethel Abrahamson 1919
San Mateo CA.

Someone please help because I would really like to know what happened and to contact living relatives. I have tried all I can but nothing..

08-08-14, 04:58
Could this be Frank C. Wicklund?

Frank Carl Wicklund

Obituary | Condolences
Frank Carl WICKLUND July 9 1915 ~March 10, 2012 Frank, a former Magnolia resident, was born in Chicago, Il to Mina and August Wicklund in 1915 and moved at age 5, with his mother to Seattle. He began work at Isaacson Iron works in 1936 and retired from Jorgensen Steel as Corporate Traffic Manager in 1978. From 1954 to 1961 Frank owned Kent Home Service, a lumber and hardware store in Kent, WA. Frank married Helen Horn at First Norwegian Lutheran Church, December 28,1938. Helen is a resident of Norse Home. Frank was a wonderful father to his four children: Dianne Cavender (Merlin), Onie Northam (Thomas), Arlene Atchison, Alan Wickund (Sherry). He will be missed by his 10 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Frank was an active member of Magnolia Lutheran Church and the Washington State Cerebral Palsy Association. He is predeceased by his mother, Mina, father August and son-in-law Gary Atchison and grandson Curtis Cavender. Family graveside services were held March 15. Memorial Service will be at Magnolia Lutheran Church 2414 31st Ave. West, Seattle, at 2:30 p.m. Friday, March 23. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Magnolia Lutheran or Norse Home.
Published in The Seattle Times on Mar. 18, 2012

08-08-14, 05:14
Helen M Wicklund

When Helen Wicklund offered to bring dessert or sweet treats to a family event everyone knew her contribution would be amazing. Proud of her Norwegian heritage, her baking ability was famous far beyond the borders of Magnolia, where she was born in 1915. Throughout her 98 years of life, she had many interests, some of which included family softball games where she could hit a ball well into the outfield, hosting dinner/dance parties in their home, superior sewing abilities, and donating her time and talents to United Cerebral Palsy charity projects. Helen's greatest passion was loving and caring for her large family.

Helen attended Seattle Schools and graduated from Queen Anne High in 1932. Her marriage of 73 years to Frank Wicklund, whom she met in first grade, ended with his passing in 2012. Helen passed away peacefully on November 18, 2013. She is survived by her four children, Dianne Cavender (Merlin), Onie Northam (Tom), Arlene Atchison (Gary, deceased), and Alan Wicklund (Sherry). Helen was the adored Grandma to 11 grandchildren and 11 great- grandchildren.

The family would like to give special thanks to the caregivers at the Norse Home. Their warm attention and affectionate care for both of our parents has been unsurpassed and much appreciated.

A memorial service will be held at Magnolia Lutheran Church, 2414 31st Ave West, Seattle, at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 23.

The family suggests that remem-brances be made to Magnolia Lutheran Church or to the Resident Assistance Fund at Norse Home.
Published in The Seattle Times from Nov. 20 to Nov. 22, 2013

08-08-14, 05:23
Name: Frank Carl Wyckund
Birth Date: 9 Jul 1915
Birth Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Ethnicity: American
Gender: Male
Race: White
Father Name: August Wyckund
Father's Age: 36
Mother Name: Mena Larsen
Mother's Birth Place: Friedrickston, Norway
Mother's Age: 32
FHL Film Number: 1288366

08-08-14, 15:33
Something is wrong here...

Lena A. Knuts, age 16, born Finland, died 17.8.1899, Rockport MA; parents Andrew and Lizzie; cause of death was general tuberculosis.

Anders (Andrew) Isaksson Knuts Wicklund, born 1879/1880, could not have been the father of Lena A. Knuts.

08-08-14, 15:49
Gustaf Anderson, age 21, born Finland, parents Andrew Knuts and Lizzie Danielson, married 30.5.1903, Rockport, MA

09-08-14, 04:26
Dianne M. Cavender, Merlin E. Cavender, 2538 36th Ave W, Seattle, WA, 98199-3706; telephone 206-283-8491

09-08-14, 16:51
There is a Family Tree on Ancestry.com that shows 11 children born to Isak Kristiansson Knuts (1845-1919) and Kaisa Greta Andersdr Smeds (1853-1947).

The following was extracted from that Family Tree, but the accuracy of the information is unknown:

Frank C. Wicklund, born 1915, Seattle, WA; died 2012, Seattle, WA; is shown as the son of Anders Isaksson Knuts Wicklund and Emma Wilhelmina B. Larsen. No spouse or children are shown. This is most likely Frank Carl Wicklund, who was born 9.7.1915, Chicago, IL.

No wife or children shown for Isak Isaksson Knuts, 1882-1936; or Kristian Vilhelm Knuts.

Mattias Isaksson Knuts died 21.5.1917, Transvaal, South Africa.

No additional information shown for Katarina Johanna.

Anna Brita Knuts, born 16.1.1893; died 29.10.1930, Butte, MT

09-08-14, 22:11
Yes, that is from my tree, the Gullback family tree. Looking for additional information about them, children etc..

09-08-14, 22:17
I suppose it´s my Frank, although his father should have been Andrew..Anders..don´t know from where they came up with August..

09-08-14, 22:32
found Onie Northam on Facebook, with Cavender friends so has to be her..OMG, HAVE BEEN LOOKING SINCE 2008!!! <no one has had contact with them since 1920´s.... =)

09-08-14, 23:48
I have a mary henriksson as family friend somewhere..this is the right track I think!?

11-08-14, 10:36
It´s probably another Andrew Knuts..? I think he was married to Emma Wilhelmina Birgitte Larsen, because someone else is researching that..(Syrene told me, but I don´t know who it is) And Anders used Wicklund aas his family name at least later..

Karen Norwillo
11-08-14, 21:25
Regarding Katarina Johanna Knuts (Hanna), I found her arriving 1912 "SS Cedric" going to cousin Hanna Johnson in Chicago. Says father Isak Knuts in Kantalaks, Finland. If she arrived in 1912, daughter Ruth couldn't have been born in 1901.

12-08-14, 14:31
you´re right! don´t remember where I got that info, but it didn´t lead anywhere..I have written in my research that she was maried to a Charles Waldemor, something I speculated about..

Karen Norwillo
13-08-14, 03:28
The only Charles Waldemor I found was born in Finland and died in Douglas, Mass.in 1906. He was a child whose parents are listed as Charles Waldemor and Johanna Knuts.

13-08-14, 14:55
ok, so it´s the same I found before taking "vacation" from my research..is there anything to find on him or Johanna..birthdates, anything?

12-09-14, 23:55
So I got the wrong Andrew Wicklund..I got August Wicklund who had a son, Carl, but they doesn´t seem to be related so.. This is what I got from Karen about Andrew: Andrew Wicklund, age about 35, born in Finland, died Dec 11, 1928 City Hospital in Seattle, WA. Cause of death, Epilepsy. Laborer. Father: Isaac Wicklund (Finland), Mother: Carrie (Finland). Body to University of Washington for anatomical purposes, Dec 13, 1928. It would appear he was unmarried.

Brothers: Isaac Wicklund and Chris Wicks. Would like to find out more about them..but there´s probably nothing to be found.. :/

13-03-15, 12:46
Hi again!
These were "dead ends"..found the "supposed" children and grandchildren to Frank Wicklund, but he was the wrong one.