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27-05-08, 22:37
You will finde Westside here
Henrik Mangs

28-05-08, 21:35
Good to see that there is also a website for the Finnish west coast. I will perhaps also register to this forum.

I tried to look in Hiski but I did not find any Emil Uno Kallio born in Jakobstad between 1885 and 1900. I did not find any birth at all the date that was mentioned in the query.

Christian Dahlin

June Pelo
29-05-08, 01:13
I have an Uno Kallio, b. 1889 Pörtom, d. 1918. His father was Peter Anders Jakobsson Öst-Kallio, b. 1850, Pedersöre. The family name was Östensö.

29-05-08, 18:11

This Petter Anders Öst was a priest in Nedervetil and later (from 1885) in Pörtom. He was married to Lydia Charlotta Durchman (b. 1850). They had a lot of children:

Kauno Öst, b. 1877
Ina Öst, b. 1881
Tyyne Öst, b. 1882
Oiva Öst, b. 1884
Sulo Antero Öst, b. 1886
Uno Lauri Öst, b. 1889
Toine Öst, b. 1891
Jaakko Öst, b. 1894

As you can see, most of the names are finnish, so I suppose they spoke more Finnish than Swedish in the family. Perhaps they later also changed their names to Kallio?

In my database there is no more information about their descendants, but if you are interested in their ancestry, I could have something more to tell...