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June Pelo
10-11-03, 21:46
The Nov. 6 issue of Norden newspaper has an interesting article by Richard Impola about Evert Taube, the gifted Swedish composer, artist and writer who also had some roots in Finland. His great grandfather Major Arvid Joachim Taube served in Finland under Döbeln in the war of 1808-09. Döbelyn appeared in Runeberg's "Tales of Ensign Stål". The article mentions that Taube's first claim to fame was his musical hit "Calle Schewens vals" which is played by many Swedish and Finnish dance musicians. His songs picture the natural surroundings and the life of places where he lived in Sweden. He turned Robert Burns' poem "My love is like a red, red rose" into "Min älskling du är som en ros". He also translated two of Shakespeare's sonnets into Swedish and set them to music; they appear in one of his songbooks.