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02-06-08, 22:00
Seeking information on Petteri (born 18 December 1884 Teuva, Vaasa, Finland). Family surname was Perttula or Suksi in Finland. When he came to America (leaving Finland 5 October 1903, according to church document), he used the surname Kunjanpää. The court of Teuva declared that he died 1 September 1975. I would like to know anything about his life in America. Thank you.

04-06-08, 01:57
Hi Ernie,
Here's a guy from the 1910 census who might be yours. City of Ironwood, Gogebic Co.

04-06-08, 17:31
Thanks - I'll check it out.


Karen Norwillo
04-06-08, 22:13
I think this may be your Pietari arriving to Halifax 17 Dec 1909 going to friend in Ironwood, MI. He's on line 25. This is from Bordering Crossings Canada to US on Ancestry. This is 1909, not 1903. It would fit with the man in Ironwood in 1910. Karen

04-06-08, 22:25
Thanks for this lead -- I will look at the records. If this is the man I am seeking, I wonder where he was between 1903 when the church said he left Teuva, and 1909 when he arrived in Halifax. Must have been a s-l-o-w boat! ;)

Karen Norwillo
04-06-08, 22:35
I see the Institute of Migration also has him leaving Finland 01.12.1909. That would fit with his date leaving Liverpool and arriving in Halifax. His passport gives DOB as 1889. That fits with the age on the 1910 Census of 21. He was an iron miner. Karen

June Pelo
05-06-08, 00:53

It's good to see you back in the saddle again digging up info. for us. We missed you! :)

05-06-08, 20:33
thanks June but Ernie is a relative :) but I do check the cd for UP Finns but little else.

Karen Norwillo
05-06-08, 21:35
Institute of Migration has a Petteri Perttula, born 18.12.1884, leaving Finland 21.10.1903.