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03-06-08, 22:38
Hi everyone,I am a new member and very excited to maybe meet some one who has heard of my family. I just started researching my grandfather's family. my grandfather Mathew Matheson was born in Calumet mi. in 1900, his mother's maiden name was Hannah Lappi and I believe she was born in one of two places in Finland. The towns in question are Kittila and Kangasniemi,she was born in the year 1876, her father's name was mathew lappi, her mother was unknown. I do not know for sure what year he immgrated from Finland to Calumet, mi. If anyone has any info I would be grateful or could tell me where to get started. thanks Sandy

04-06-08, 09:40
Hello Sandy!

This is from the cencus of 1900 and the family lives in Calumet Houghton Michigan
Daniel Matheson Born in dec 1871 in Canada. Parents from Scotland
Hanna Matheson born in dec 1876 in Finland
Isabelle Born in january 1898 in Michigan
Elmer J born in may 1899 in Michigan
Elisabeth Mother born abt 1835 in Scotland

In the cencus of 1920 they live in Arna ,Pine , Michigan
Daniel Matheson 48
Johanna Matheson 43
Isabel I Matheson21
Elmer J Matheson 20
Matthew R Matheson 19
Mary E Matheson 17
Wilbert D Matheson 19
Johanna Matheson 11
Helen A Matheson 5
Ralph A Matheson 1 year 10 months Grandson Birthplace Minnesota
Edgar L Matheson 1 year 9 months Grandson Birthplace Minnesota

In the cencus of 1910 the family lives in Finlayson, Pine , Minnesota
Dan Matterson 38
hanna Matterson 33
Isabella e Matterson 12
Elmer Matterson 10
Rudolf Matterson 9
Elisabeth Matterson 7
Damal Matterson 4
Johanna Matterson 2
Verla Matterson born abt 1910
The 4 youngest children are born in Minnesota

With greetings from a sunny Nynäshamn

04-06-08, 09:42
And By the Way Sandy

Welcome to this forum

June Pelo
04-06-08, 17:52
Sandy, Welcome to Finlander Forum. And greetings from me, a former resident of Flint! I tried to find a Hanna/Johanna Lappi, b. 1876, daughter of Matts/Matti Lappi. I didn't find anyone named Hanna Lappi born on that date. The Lappi name didn't show up in Kittilä and it appeared once in Kangasniemi. I found a Matts Lappi, b. 1850 in Kivijärvi. Do you have any more definite dates or places, or documents giving a place in Finland? HisKi records generally ended at 1850 so it wasn't possible to check further.

04-06-08, 18:50
If Hannah Lappi was born at 1876 either in Kittilä or in Kangasniemi, she should be easily found visting in the National Archive. They should have microcards about bapticed children untill 1900. An other possibility is to write to the parishes of Kangasniemi and Kittilä.

Kittilän seurakunta
Valtatie 100 A, 99100 Kittilä
Puh.020 710 8550 (lankapuhelimesta 8,21 snt/min+ 6,9 snt/min, matkapuhelimesta 8,21 snt/min + 14,9 snt/min)
Fax.020 710 8551

Kangasniemen Seurakunta
Kirkkoniementie 2
51200 Kangasniemi
(015) 7544 400
(015) 7544 444

A third option is to see through census (henkikirja) pages of the towns at:



June Pelo
05-06-08, 00:48
I sent you a private message with some info. Hope you can open it.

05-06-08, 07:54
The church records of both Kittilä and Kangasniemi are online in http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/index_eng.htm
Have you checked them up?