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04-06-08, 23:02
Theis years American Idol runner up,David Archuleta, seems to market Jean Sibelius' Hymn from Finlandia on YouTube at the moment.


As far as I understand originally Finlandia didn't have lyrics at all. A distant relative V.A.Koskenniemi (Forsnäs from Kronoby :D) produced the Finnish lyrics and Joel Rundt translated these to Swedish.

When listening to the Hymn from Finlandia many of us remember the movie "Okänd soldat"/"Tuntematon sotilas"/"The Unknown Soldier" where the Hymn from Finlandia always brings tears into the eyes of most of us here in Finland.

Another YouTube movie here describes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XojVmivqDrA) the "birth and history" of Finlandia.

05-06-08, 07:14
Thanks for the nice YouTube links.

Of course, when my father died, we had to play Valse Triste and Finlandia among others at his funeral.

Certain parts of my prior dissertations when studying to be an elementary teacher were to "decipher" music. Of course, I used Sibelius as my examples.

Then, there is Pehr Henrik Nordgren... a small cousin of mine... his work is incredible...particularly "Taivaan Valot". I fear that no conductor will produce this magnificent work until after P.H. is long gone.

It needs to be in EVERY concert hall on the planet.:o

Karen Norwillo
05-06-08, 16:31
Thank you for the link. What a beautiful hymn and the young man's voice is awesome. This goes in my funeral instructions as music I would like. Hopefully not for a long time. Karen

Paivi T
11-06-08, 07:08
It seems that the "Finlandia" lyrics have been translated into English at least twice, apart from the "Be Still My Soul" lyrics.

Here's the version I have, it's in a four-part SA choir arrangement, translation by Aina Swan Cutler. I don't know when this translation was made, but the music sheet bears the copyright year of 1965, the publisher being Breitkopf & Härtel, Wiesbaden, and Edition Fazer for Finland.

Finlandia Hymn

Oh, Finland look! The day at last is dawning!
Your night of danger now is driv'n away.
The morning skylark in the sunlight soaring
seems Heaven's song come to greet this day.
As night time pow'rs are banished by the morning,
a new day dawns in our native land!

Oh, Finland, rise and lift your head to glory
and proudly wear your mem'ries' shining crown.
Oh, Finland, rise and tell to all the story
of how the yoke of slav'ry was thrown.
And since you would not bend beneath oppression,
this new day dawns for our native land!

For comparison, here's the version found among the comments to David Archuleta's "Be Still My Soul" recital. The translators are listed as J. Mark Sugars / Frank Petersohn:

Finland, behold, your day has now come dawning;
Banished is night, its menace gone with light,
Larks' song again in morning-brightness ringing,
Filling the air to heaven's great height,
And morning's glow, night's darkness overcoming;
Your day is come, o my native land.

O Finland, rise, stand proud, the future facing,
Your valiant deeds recalling, once again;
O Finland rise, in the world's sight erasing
From your fair brows vile slavery's stain.
You were not broken by oppressors ruling;
Your morning's come, o my native land.