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June Pelo
06-06-08, 01:35
Need help with the following concerning Johan Alfred Alexandersson Herlevi, b. 16 Sep 1870, Ullava. His relative wrote:

Information found on Johan Alfred’s immigration to the USA is as follows. He came into the USA through Castle Garden, Port Brenen, N.Y. on 21 June 1892 . The name is spelled Johan Alfred Herlovi, He is listed as a Farmer age 22 the ship he came over from Liverpool, England was the Darnstadt. His last residence was shown as Abo Finland. Information on Johan has been very scarce. I find that he was living in Ironwood Michigan in May of 1900 . when his brother Josef and Wife Emma Herlevi came to America he is listed on there immigration records as the person that they are sponsored by in America . I have tried to locate him on the U.S .census for Ironwood Gogebic Michigan with no success . I have look on the 1900 census and others for him. For his death date He was shown in the Ullava church records as dieing in the USA on 06 July 1924 (no location given.

Would appreciate any information about him.

Karen Norwillo
06-06-08, 16:05
All I found on Johan was his 1892 arrival under Juho Herlevi. Ancestry has Julio. I found brother Joseph and family many times and also a Sophia Herlevi and father Jacob.
I'll post in 2 attachments.

Karen Norwillo
06-06-08, 16:13
Here's more of what I found. I thought maybe following Joseph would find Johan, but no luck. 1900 Joseph was in Ironwood, but rest of his info is in Knight Twsp, Iron, WI. By 1920, Emma was a widow.
The Sophia I found was the wife of a John H?, but on the 1910 Census, Jacob Herlevi is listed as John's father-in-law, so Sophia must have been a Herlevi.
Notice in the one census there is an Alex Herlevi listed as Joseph's brother living with them.
More to follow.

Karen Norwillo
06-06-08, 16:17
More. No trace of Johan as yet. I found a John Herlevi in Ashtabula, OH, but he was born 1876, wife Emelia. Karen

Karen Norwillo
06-06-08, 16:21
Here's Alexander Herlevi going to Joseph.

Looks like Sophia's married name was Holmi. She died 27 Jan 1950 and John died 27 Nov 1919, both in Kalevala, Carlton, MN. I found her arrival as Sofie Herlevi from Ullava.

June Pelo
06-06-08, 18:15
Thanks a million, Karen. Great detective work. I'll send it all on to the family.

Karen Norwillo
06-06-08, 19:07
Here's Sofie Herlivi's arrival.

Karen Norwillo
06-06-08, 20:45
Here's some more info on Joseph and Emma's family.

John Jaimer Herlevi 17 Feb 1901 Iron Belt, WI-18 Jul 1970 Price, Utah
Richard Herlevi 26 Sep 1903-Jun 1985 Ashland, WI
Einard Henry Herlevi 7 Sep 1913-19 Dec 1993 Cable, Bayfield, WI
Eino August Herlevi 8 May 1917-30 Dec 2000 Grandview, Bayfield, WI
I found an Emma L Hurlivi born 18 Feb 1906 in Iron, WI, census says Emma E.
Esther married Waino Bloomquist and they had a daughter Elaine. In 1930, they were living with Emma, Richard, Einard and Eino in Sanborn Twsp, Ashland, WI.
Ironwood Daily Globe has obits for Alexander Herlevi 25 May 1953 and his wife, just listed as Mrs. Alexander in 23 Apr 1952. They also have the 1970 obit for John J, the son of Joseph and Emma.

Karen Norwillo
08-06-08, 16:36
From one ancestry disc submitted on LDS, Johan Alfred Alexandersson Herlevi was born 16 Sep 1870 Ullava, Vassan, Finland to Alexander Johansson Puumala 13 Jun 1847-17 Mar 1902 and Susanna Jeremiasdotter Herlevi 22 Feb 1834-20 May 1881. Susanna's parents were Jeremias Herlevi and Maria Isaksdotter Oravala. Maria's parents were Isaak Oravala and Susanna Johansdotter Korpi. So there would be Korpi ties to the family besides Eliina's husband Emil. Alexander's wife was Josephine or Fina.
Here's the 1880 Herlevi farm in Ullava.
If that DOD for Susanna Herlevi in 1881 is correct, then Johan and Joseph are hers, but Alexander, Eliina and Selma would have to be from a second marriage for Alexander.

June Pelo
08-06-08, 17:05

Thanks for the additional info. Yes, Alexander did remarry in 1882 and had the other children.

Karen Norwillo
08-06-08, 17:32
Do you want the census info for Alexander and Josephine (Fiina) from Iron Belt, Knight Twsp, WI. They had lots of kids. In 1910 he's Santeri, 1920 Santer and 1930 Alexander. Karen

June Pelo
08-06-08, 23:19
Hi Karen,
Yes, I suppose the family would like to see the census records, too. They're still reading what came through before.. Thanks.

Karen Norwillo
09-06-08, 15:13
Here's all the census info I found. He had a large family. Karen

Karen Norwillo
09-06-08, 16:03
Added info,
Oive Herlevi 1 Sep 1908- Sep 1971 King, Waupaca, WI -RR issued
Reino Herlevi 1 Mar 1916-14 Sep 1984 Iron Belt, Iron, WI
Richard Herlevi Aug 1928, he appears to still be living in Ironwwod.
Ina Herlevi Makynen 30 Aug 1911 WI- 29 Dec 1981 Kingsville, Ashtabula, OH
John Makynen 14 Dec 1907- Dec 1979 Kingsville, Ashtabula, OH
Didn't find Eino, born abt 1909 or Esther abt 1913, Rauha abt 1917 or Tena (?Tiina) abt 1920.

Interesting piece I found on Reino. From biographical info on-line,
Reino O. Herlevi was born in Iron Belt, WI. and died on September 14, 1986.(SSDI has 1984) Both his parents came from Finland. He had a high school education. An avid hunter, trapper and fisherman when he was not laboring. He worked in an iron mine and when it closed, he suffered a heart attack which proved disabling. Following his illness, he wrote poetry and published five short volumes with various small presses in WI. He is survived by his wife of 48 years, Mary, who still lives in Iron Belt. She says, "my husband was a handsome man. He was 6 ft. tall with dark brown wavy hair and blue eyes. He was very intelligent and kind." He and Mary have two children, a boy and a girl.

One Rainy Day and Other Poems, Huley WI. Iron County Miner 1975
Your Life and Mine in Simple Rhyme, Eagle River, WI. Satran Publishers 1974
Poetry in Thought: Some Funny...Some Not, Hurley, WI. Moore-Secor Publishers 1973
Poetry in Thought, No.2
The Bloody Whip

I thought maybe the family would find this interesting. Karen

June Pelo
09-06-08, 20:17
Thanks again, Karen. That poetry should interest them.

June Pelo
11-06-08, 01:30

The family really appreciates all that you found and they have saved copies. They wanted me to thank you for all your work. They have indicated they'll share their information with anyone interested in this family line.