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June Pelo
06-06-08, 01:55
This is a sister of the Johan Alfred mentioned in the previous Herlevi query. This is what her relative wrote. Any information will be appreciated:

Eliina Alexandersdr Herlevi born 17 Sep 1888 Herlevi, Ullava ,Vaasa, Finland to Alexander Johansson Herlevi- Puumala and Johanna Eriksdr Takaloja, She came to America Leaving Finland on the SS Urania 15 Nov 1905 for England then leaving from England on the Ocean Line Dominion, for Quebec Canada 23 Nov 1905. I believe her destination was Iron Belt Wisconsin. Somewhere in all my material it seems that I found that she married an Emil Korpi in Iron Belt Wisconsin. She lived in Bessemer Michigan in 1930 and is shown as a Widow, her age is shown as 41., No children are listed living with her although a Elvi Korpi is shown living with her sister Selma Hill in Bessemer her age is listed as 14.and she is shown as a boarder. There is also a Florance Korpi living with Alexanders family in Iron Belt Wisconsinon the 1930 census. This maybe another child she is 21years of age. On the obituary of Alexander Herlevi it list two sister As being Selma Hill and Mrs Swantee Nartunen. Eliina probably remarried. Trying to find someone with that name in the Bessemer and Ironwood area has been difficult.

Karen Norwillo
06-06-08, 21:20
I found a Eliina Herlevi born 1888 on a passenger list on Migration Institute leving 15 Nov 1905. On Ancestry on Misc Atlantic Ports, there is an Eliina Herlevi arriving 23 Nov 1905 on SS Dominion from Kaleva, Finland going to Alexander Herlevi in Iron Belt. See attached. It's hard to read port, but it could be she arrived Canada first on Urania and then came into US on a different ship. Karen

Karen Norwillo
06-06-08, 22:09
Here's the 1920 census with Hill and Korpi. Selma and Matt have an adopted son Konstu who was born in Finland. Right below them is Emil and Eliina and their daughters Alma and Florence, 12 and 8. Konstu Hill was born 23 Aug 1909 and died 8 Jan 2001 in Bessemer. Selma J Hill is in the Ironwood Daily Globe as dying 5 Nov 1973. There are 6 Matt Hill dying between 194091973. No Emil Korpi found in their obit list. In 1910, Matt and Selma Hill are married 8 yrs, no children. Konstu is listed as coming to US in 1912.

Karen Norwillo
06-06-08, 22:16
Here's the 1930 with Hill and Korpi. Elvi is too young to be Alma. Alma was 12 in 1920. Unless Emil and Eliina had another child before he died, but then she should still be on the 1920 census as about 4.

June Pelo
06-06-08, 22:36
Thanks again, Karen. It's so interesting to read these records and see where people have come from - truly a melting pot of families from around Europe.