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11-11-03, 08:22
Hi all

As you all can see from the "The Members" -forum only a few has presented themselves for the rest of the participants. If you haven't presented yourself yet - could you consider doing so? It is more interesting to participate in a discussion if we know who the others are and what their interests are.

Some statistics:

We just now have some 180+ members, approx. 40+ visit the board every day some 90 have ever written to the Finlander - the rest, ie. 50% of the members keep visiting and reading the forums. In addition guest visits (=readers) count for approx. an addtitional 25-30% "unregistered" visits. Some 45% of the members haven't visited the forum the last two weeks.

Carolyn Nelson
20-11-03, 07:51
Hasse: Thanks for reminding me a couple of times to participate...your prompting worked! I was just not sure how to use the system and hope I did it correctly. Thanks Carolyn Nelson

June Pelo
20-11-03, 22:00
Hello Carolyn,

I recognized your father's name - I have him in my database and we are 5th cousins once removed with about 50 other links. I noticed you are related to Leo Furu through Dofnäs and Kortjärvi; and to Vern Lindqvist through (Öster)Kivilös. Your Bredarholm line is in the Caino-Torp book - and I think you probably are related to Lars Granholm. You are related to Vincent Erickson through Johan Andersson Skutnabba (his daughter Margaret is Vincent's ancestor - and his son Jakob is yours.) I'm sure you are related to other members because the names of your ancestors appear in many other families.

If you don't have an ahnentafel I can send you one. My mother's family came from Edsevö, so no doubt you are related there, too.


Leo Furu
20-11-03, 22:46
Hello Carolyn!
Like June wrote we seems to be related. I was also born near Manderbacka and my home was about 3 km from your Grandfathers home.