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07-06-08, 22:36
The FOR tour 2008 brings 50 singers and dancers in parish costumes to Vancouver, BC Scandinavian Centre June 29, 2008 for lunch and a program.
In Seattle on Tuesday, July 1, they'll be at the Swedish Cultural Center, 1920 Dexter Ave N, at 7 PM for a program. Last time they toured the West Coast was in 1997, so this is a rare opportunity to see the traditional dances and hear the melodies of our immigrant families. At intermission, you can enjoy visiting with them, as well as coffee bread and coffee. Suggested donation $5. Co sponsors are Lodge 101 Order of Runeberg, and The Swedish Finn Historical Society. See SFHS home page for photos and further details.

The 50 come from the parishes of Tarkkis, Borgå; Lassila, Jeppo; Miemoisby, Vörå; Mossala, Houtskär; Karkmo, Korsholm; Vasa; Eljasus, Oravais; Socklot, Nykarleby; Nykarleby; Kantlax, Munsala; Kojola, Alahärmä; Bofjärden, Petalax; Ytter-Malax, Malax; Jakobstad; Snåre, Kronoby; Hopsala, Kronoby; Bråtö, Kronoby; Markby, Nykarleby; Koskeby, Vörå; Forsby, Pedersöre; Långbacka, Terjärv; Komossa, Oravais; Kovjoki, Nykarleby; Lepplax, Pedersöre; Småbönders, Terjärv; Socklot, Nykarleby; Överjeppo, Jeppo; Alahärmä; Pensala, Munsala; Bennäs, Pedersöre; Edsevö, Pedersöre; Monå, Munsala; Oravais; Sundby, Pedersöre; Helsingfors; Lomby, Vörå; Degerby, Ingå; Munsala; Purmo; Terjärv; Helsingby, Korsholm

07-06-08, 22:54
Syrene's material abut the choir and the performances can be found in an article here (http://sfhs.eget.net/portal/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=146&Itemid=2).

08-06-08, 02:31
Thanks for the information.

Too bad we don't have a list of the names of the singers.

You know how it is sometimes... you find out your cousins were in the area on a short trip that you could have gone to... but you only find out on your next trip to Finland... it has happened to me at least twice.:eek:

They hadn't let me know, because they didn't know how close or far they were traveling.

09-06-08, 06:22
This was an early list. It may have changed.
Picture 1 (folkdancers)
First row (from the left): Ann-Lis Wärnman, Benita Nymark, Birgitta Herrmans and Berit Haga
Second row (from the left): Ole Wärnman, Nils Nymark, Stig Herrmans and Ola Haga
Third row (from the left): Eva Sundstén, Cay Sundstén, Ann-May Nystedt (dance leader), Olof Nystedt, Kerstin Alho and Leo Alho

Missing in the picture: Anders Portin (fiddler), Desiré Saarela, Gösta Småros and Beatrice Småros

Picture 2 (singers)
First row (from the left): Agneta Blomqvist, Margareta Fredriksson, Gun Innborr, Frej Högdahl (conductor), Marianne Wikman, Gerd Kronqvist and Lili-Ann Brolund
Second row (from the left): Inga-Britt Lindvall, Margaretha Blomqvist, Anita Lawast, Regina Ahlnäs, Marlene Roiha, Lea Sandås, Ann-Lis Björklund, Kerstin Herrgård and Sol-Britt Björkgren
Third row (from the left): Gösta Björkgren, Brian Lawast, Torsten Björklund, Rolf Hägg and Svante Höglund

Missing in the picture: Lars Vestersund, Erik Törnqvist, Ingvald Back, Inger Back and Marianne Sjöholm

Non-performers (no picture)
Bertel Lindvall, Lars Wikman, Max Fredriksson, Kurt Blomqvist, Glenn Svanbäck (bus driver) and Margareta Svanbäck Ole Granholm

09-06-08, 07:08

Thanks for the list. One potential "known" cousin there, but we aren't close.

I don't know if my Mom and I can make it to Seattle, but we'll try.

Good luck -


09-06-08, 16:06

Max Fredriksson is my cousin. This means that he is second cousin , once removed to Vern.


June Pelo
10-06-08, 00:52
Ole Granholm isn't a singer, but is traveling with the group so he can interview families of emigrants who settled in that area.

19-06-08, 18:43
I don't recognize any family names, but the Vancouver show is about 10 minutes from my place, will have to mark this on my calendar.