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13-06-08, 12:20
Hello my name is Tracy nee Söderholm and I live in Queenslad Australia. I was led to this site in search of my grandfather Otto Harold Söderholm, who was a Finn who served in WW1 with the Australian Army. He also served in WW2.
Otto passed away when my dad was only 14 so we don't know a lot about him. I have his army service records which state he was born in Abo (Turku) Finland Sep 20 1892, He married Nellie Doreen Shepherdson in Foster, Victoria Australia Jun 24 1925.
His parents are Otto Albert Söderholm born in Rymattyla, Finland and Ida Emilia Engblom born in Abo (Jensen is the surname name on my grandfather's death certificate, so maybe she remarried)
Otto and Ida were married in Kumlinge May 7 1891.
I have enjoyed searching for my family history and hope I can find more.:)

June Pelo
13-06-08, 20:55
Tracy, Welcome to Finlander. I tried to search HisKi records for Otto Harold Söderholm, and his father Otto Albert, but the online records don't extend beyond 1850. Perhaps someone knows how to access later records.

14-06-08, 04:03
Thank you June I appreciate your help.

15-06-08, 03:29
We were always told Otto Harold come to Australia with a brother but I have not found anything about a brother as yet.
Otto immigrated to Oz on the Gezina Ship which he boarded in Uraguay and landed in Newcastle Aust on 1st June 1914

16-06-08, 12:49
Otto Harald was born in Kumlinge, Åland. i found this in HiSki.
Born:26.9.1891, Kumlinge,Parents: Tullvaktmästare, Otto Albert Söderholm, Ida Emelia, Child: Otto Harald

June Pelo
16-06-08, 17:05
If Ingemar Ekman sees this, he may be able to find something about Otto Albert.

Ingemar Ekman
18-06-08, 17:53
Hi Tracy,
I plan to visit the archive in Mariehamn Åland in the middle of July and hope to find something about your roots.
Happy Midsummer,

06-07-08, 01:11

a neat place where you can search scans of original church records - worth a look while you wait for Ingemar's trip.

07-07-08, 00:29
Thank you so much for your help
Cheers Tracy

Ingemar Ekman
15-07-08, 14:29
Hello Tracy,
I am now at the archive in Mariehamn and found some information:
In the communionbook 1885 -1894 page 36 I found your family:

Tullvaktmästaren Otto Albert Söderholm born 10 Jan 1868 in Rimito He moved in 25 May 1889 to Kumlinge from Korpo, He took the holy communion 30 Nov 1890 and was married 1891 to "Mejerskan" Ida Emilia Engblom born 18 Aug 1864 in Åbo. She moved in from Björne? ( Björneborg) 4 Apr? 1889.
They got a son Otto Harald b 26 /9 1891.
According to the birth records he was baptized 29 Sep 1891by "sjömansmissionspredikanten" K.N. Lehtonen in Åbo. Sponsors were Enkan (Widow) Maria Karlsson, Jungfru (unmarried woman) Olga Aurora? Forsén and "filhuggaren" Johan Julius Ferdinand Lindberg from Åbo
I am attaching photos of the birth record 1891 and the father´s " moving-in certificate from 1889.

The whole family moved 19 Feb 1892 to Åbo (Turku)

Best regards,

Ingemar Ekman
16-07-08, 10:49
Hi again Tracy,
I forgot to mentioned that Rimito is the Swedish name for Rymättylä in the province of Turku and Pori ( Åbo och Björneborgs län ).

On the CD of death records in Sweden between 1947 - 2006, I found this:

Söderholm, Otto
Färmersrud 1:5 (the adress 1947)
Death date 30/1 1947.
Written in Stavnäs (Värmland´s province in Sweden).

Born 10/1 1868 in Finland, Åbo.
Widower (10/1 1940).

I can try to find more information about this person when I am back in Sweden. The name and birth date correspond
With your ancestor

Best regards,

17-07-08, 00:07
Thats awesome information Ingemar, THANK YOU so much. my dad is going to be excited when he gets this information.
I appreciate the time and effort you put into looking for me.
Cheers Tracy

17-07-08, 00:21
This is some more information I received from a cousin, I don't know how accurate it is.
FINLAND Burial of Ida Emilia Engblom (jensen). Otto Harolds mother
FINLAND, Åbo Birth of Otto Harold Soderholm on 20 September 1892.
FINLAND, Åbo Birth of Ida Emilia Engblom (jensen) on 18 August 1864.
Death of Ida Emilia Engblom (jensen) on 15 October 1935.
FINLAND, RYMATTYLA Rimito Birth of Otto Albert Soderholm on 10 January 1868.
Birth of HENRIK HENRIKSSON ANJALIN on 6 May 1794. Otto A's grandfather
Birth of MAIJA LISA JOHANSDOTTER on 14 March 1801.
Birth of HELENA CHRISTINA HENRIKSDOTTER ANJALIN on 13 July 1834. Otto A's mother
Death of HENRIK HENRIKSSON ANJALIN on 22 September 1856.
I was trying to find these people in the parish records but have no idea where to look lol.
Any help would also be appreciated
Cheers Tracy

Ingemar Ekman
29-07-08, 19:36
Hi Tracy,
Regarding my previous message from the CD with the death records in Sweden
Söderholm, Otto Färmersrud 1:5 (the adress 1947) Death date 30/1 1947. Written in Stavnäs (Värmland´s province in Sweden). Born 10/1 1868 in Finland, Åbo. Widower (10/1 1940).

From the estate of inventory document after this person, he left behind following relatives that was living year 1947: his son Gustaf Harry Söderholm b. 1904 in Stavnäs.
I am not sure if Otto Söderholm is your ancestor but the person´s name and birth date and place correspond, but in this case he has been re-married.

I tried to check the communion book for Stavnäs but the scanned records stops at 1895 but on the CD of the population in Sweden year 1900 the family was recorded as:
Söderholm, Otto, Hemmanseg.
b 1868 in Finland
Gift man, far i familjen (married man, father in the family)
Fermersrud Stavnäs (Värmlands län, Värmland)
Birth place: Åbo, Finland

His wife:
Eriksson, Maria Stina
b. 1866 in Stavnäs (Värmlands län, Värmland)
Gift kvinna, mor i familjen (married woman, mother in the family)
Fermersrud Stavnäs (Värmlands län, Värmland)
and their daughter born in America:

Mäbel Clara Maria
b 1898 in Amerika
Flicka, barn i familjen (girl, child in the family)

The family was not recorded in the CD 1890, but the wife Maria Stina emigrated 1890 as unmarried to USA but returned prior year 1900 as married to Otto Söderholm

Best Regards,

Ingemar Ekman
27-08-08, 19:51
Hi Tracy,
I got today a photo of Otto Söderholm born 10 Jan 1868 in Turku died 1947-01-30 in Sweden. Do you find any family trait?
The photo including information about his family in Sweden and other photos was sent to me by Tryggve. His wife´s aunt was married to Otto´s son Harry.
Looking forward to hear from you.
email: ingemar_ekman*hotmail.com

04-10-08, 04:09
Its taken me awhile to get back here to thank you Ingemar. I really appreciate your help in finding the information on Otto Albert.
I have never seen a picture of him before so it was great to see where two of my brothers got their fair hair and blue eyes as my parents and grandparents were dark haired. Obviously a throwback to Otto. My grandfather Otto Harold and Gustav (Harry) definately look alike. I can see my daughter in one of the aunts.
Tryggve has given me as much information as he knows which has been a wonderful help.
If you would like to view my family tree I have put in pics of them.
http://soderholm.tribalpages.com the password is kitkat.
Thank you all again for your prcious time and help.
Cheers Tracy

04-10-08, 12:25
Wow Tracy, that is a fantastic looking site, very well done to you!
I would love to do something like that later on when I finish some more branches of my tree.
I really enjoyed looking at it.


Jaska Sarell
04-10-08, 18:10
Hi Tracy,

Only now I noticed that you have ancestors also in Uskela. That's a bit familiar for me, especially its chapel parish Pertteli where your line seems to go as well. Quite often the name of mother parish appeared in later records, which makes things a bit confusing sometimes :confused:

The birth record in HisKi database for Henrik Henriksson Anjalin is here (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/1aiib5?en+0584+kastetut+1121)
Her wife Maja Lisa Johansdotter was born in Pertteli, HisKi record here (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/1aiib5?en+0389+kastetut+4331).

I casually followed her background, and it seems that we share a common gg..g grandmother Anna Johansdotter (~1677 - 13.03.1737) :cool:
Besides you seem to be closer related to president Tarja Halonen through Anna's daughter Maria Johansdotter and her husband Henrik Henriksson :rolleyes:
Since the original records including communion books have been digitized and are available at FFHA site (http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/index_eng.htm), it's rather easy to follow a few generations backwards, if one has some practise.
I will do further checking after I return to the city - the FFHA site images take too long to load with my current connection in the countryside.

:) Jaska

05-10-08, 06:41
Thank you Ayla, I just uploaded my gedcom to the Tribal Pages site and it sorts itself out. I add a few extras. I like the ease of name finding. Let me know if you need a hand.

05-10-08, 10:39
Thats really awesome of you to find that information for me Jaska, I will look forward to hearing back from you. I had a look at those links but as Im unfamiliar with how the HisKi data works I found it a bit confusing. I hope to work it out. I looked through the parish records some time ago but I didn't know what parish to look for so after hours of looking through records I gave up. It found it interesting even though I didnt know the names.
Thank you for your time.

Jaska Sarell
06-10-08, 21:36
Hello Tracy,

Below some background for Helena Christina Anjalin.
I didn't search more about her father, but her mother connects to my earlier research results from Pertteli verifying that you are my 8th cousin :D
Our closest common ancestors lived in Jäppilä farm at Kaivola village of Pertteli.

(CB) means that date notified from communion book records only, sometimes prone to errors in copying from one page or volume to another.
The names in italics are farm names, not surnames.
Anjalin and Ekberg were originally soldier names, which in this case were used later as surnames.

:) Jaska


1. Helena Christina Henriksdotter Anjalin


2. Henrik Henriksson Anjalin b. 06.05.1794 in Uskela, Anjala village.
- m. 24.05.1827 in Salo
3. Maja Lisa Johansdotter b. 14.03.1801 in Pertteli, Pitkäkoski village.
Note: Uusikylä was another name used for Pitkäkoski. Some records show that name.

Grand Parents

4. Henrik Henriksson Anjalin b. 03.10.1763 in Uskela, Anjala village, soldier in reserve, d. 01.02.1826, Uskela. m. (2) 14.11.1819 in Uskela, Maria Sigfridsdotter, b. 16.05.1772 in Uskela, Mutainen village, d. 27.05.1820, Uskela, Anjala village, m. (3) 09.01.1821 in Uskela, Lena Gabrielsdotter, b. 11.12.1776 in Perniö.
- m. (1) 25.10.1787 in Angelniemi
5. Lena Eriksdotter b. 17.09.1764 in Angelniemi, Karvainen village, d. 10.04.1819 in Uskela, Anjala village.
Note: Henrik's birthday mixed with his wife's in CB.

6. Johan Johansson Rintala b. 22.11.1768 in Pertteli, Inkere village, crofter, d. 09.04.1808 in Pertteli, Pitkäkoski village.
- m. 17.10.1790 in Pertteli
7. Catharina [Caisa] Andersdotter Ekberg b. 26.10.1766, Pertteli, Pitkäkoski village, m. (2) 06.10.1811 in Pertteli, Erik Eriksson, b. 10.06.1782(CB).

Great Grand Parents

8. Henrik Anjalin b. 11.05.1736(CB), soldier, d. 20.09.1809, Uskela, Anjala village, m. (2) 21.12.1800 in Uskela, Greta Eriksdotter, b. 31.05.1772.
- m. (1) [see note]
9. Caisa Eriksdotter b. 02.03.1737(CB), d. 24.05.1800, Uskela, Anjala village.

Note: Possibly the same couple that was married 25.10.1759 in Halikko, i.e. Henrik Henriksson b. 11.08.1736 in Halikko, Toijala village, and Caisa Eriksdotter b. 19.3.1737 in Halikko, Pajula village. Missing communion books from Uskela 1753-1771 makes it difficult to verify. That couple had two children in Halikko (1760, 1761) and no sign of them there afterwards. Minor error in birthdates makes it rather probable they are the same, but not a certain fact.

10. Erik Henriksson Uppgård b. 01.01.1719(CB), rusthållare (farmer maintaining a cavalry soldier), d. 07.06.1776, Angelniemi, Karvainen village.
- m. 25.10.1741 in Angelniemi
11. Valborg Henriksdotter b. 1721(CB), d. 19.04.1790, Angelniemi, Karvainen village.

12. Johan Henriksson b. 1727(CB), boatswain, carpenter, d. 26.12.1798 in Pertteli, Inkere village.
- m. 12.01.1764 in Pertteli
13. Lena Gabrielsdotter b. 21.04.1743 in Pertteli, Inkere village, d. 23.11.1808 in Pertteli, Pitkäkoski village.

14. Anders Ekberg b. 1736(CB), soldier, d. 24.04.1790 in Pertteli, Pitkäkoski village. Note: name in marriage record Ekenberg, otherwise always Ekberg.
- m. 03.11.1751 in Pertteli
15. Anna Henriksdotter Jäppilä b. 01.10.1726 in Pertteli, Kaivola village, d. 20.09.1813 in Pertteli, Pitkäkoski village.


Ingemar Ekman
11-11-08, 19:53
Hello Tracy,
Eva found this information from the
Institute of Migration´s database of issued passport

Last name Söderholm
First names Otto Albert
Other names *
Date of birth . .9999 (unknown)
Marital status *
Religion *
Occupation Lämmittäjä ("värmare" / eldare)
Home parish Turku (Åbo)
Province TUR (Åbo)
Passport date 23.06.1892
Passport number 404
Passport valid (year:month) 1:0
Destination Ulkomaat (abroad)
Passport issued by TUR (Åbo)

Thank you Eva,

13-11-08, 12:10
Thanks again Ingemar, and thank you to Eva.
Is that all the information available for a passport or can I get more information elsewhere. I would really like to know who Otto Alberts parents were.
I am really appreciative of all the information and help I have received so far, its way more than I ever expected to achieve...Thanks everyone involved.
Cheers Tracy

Jaska Sarell
14-11-08, 18:01
8. Henrik Anjalin b. 11.05.1736(CB), soldier, d. 20.09.1809, Uskela, Anjala village, m. (2) 21.12.1800 in Uskela, Greta Eriksdotter, b. 31.05.1772.
- m. (1) [see note]
9. Caisa Eriksdotter b. 02.03.1737(CB), d. 24.05.1800, Uskela, Anjala village.

Note: Possibly the same couple that was married 25.10.1759 in Halikko, i.e. Henrik Henriksson b. 11.08.1736 in Halikko, Toijala village, and Caisa Eriksdotter b. 19.3.1737 in Halikko, Pajula village. Missing communion books from Uskela 1753-1771 makes it difficult to verify. That couple had two children in Halikko (1760, 1761) and no sign of them there afterwards. Minor error in birthdates makes it rather probable they are the same, but not a certain fact.

New checking shows birthdate 11.09.1736 also in first appearance available in Uskela for Henrik Anjalin, and 09.03.1737 (a bit closer than 02.03.1737 - shows how copying errors have accumulated) for his wife. So the above can be shown as:

8. Henrik Henriksson Anjalin b. 11.03.1736 Halikko, Toijala village, soldier, d. 20.09.1809, Uskela, Anjala village.
- m. (1) 25.10.1759 in Halikko
9. Caisa Eriksdotter Pajula b. 19.03.1737 Halikko, Pajula village, d. 24.05.1800, Uskela, Anjala village.

Indeed even the first Henrik Anjalin's patronymic is Henriksson, as his father was farmer Henrik Johansson Östergård. Elder brother Jacob continued on the Östergård (later Finnish name Itätalo) farm.

:) Jaska

14-08-10, 14:22
Does anyone know if or where I can obtain copies of any of Otto Albert Soderholm records for his passport or immigration records even dates he immigrated to USA. My Grandfather Otto Harold Soderholm arrived in Australia on the ship Gezina which came from the port of Uraguay, I would like to know why he was there or if it was just a stop along the way, or even if he was visiting his dad Otto Albert who immigrated to the USA.
I would also like to find out if his mother Ida Soderholm nee Engblom remarried as her name on Otto Harolds death records stated her name as Jensen.
I'm not sure where to find the records I am after.

14-08-10, 21:08
this is a new thing I got from bbc online...14 day free trial so it might be useful for Australia

good luck

13-12-10, 00:53
Hi all just a little bit of surprising information I have just received from Kaj on Otto Albert. It turns out when he remarried Maria Eriksdotter in Wisconsinin 1896 he was still married to my grandmother Ida Engblom. In the parish records Ida was still married when she died in 1935. Ida never heard from him again as far as I know.
Otto Albert was removed from the church´s "living population" and transferred to the "absent population" in 1951. He was declared dead by the local municipal court in Åbo on July 4, 1973. The date of death were determined to October 18, 1972 although he died Jan 30 1947 Stavnäs, Sweden but no one knew of his whereabouts. My grandparents marriage records has Otto Albert as deceased so I am guessing Otto Harold disowned him.
Now I am off to search for the marriage records for my welsh great grandfather on my mothers side, looks like he was a 3 time bigamist.....

13-12-10, 17:49
so you are from Moorooka?

24-12-10, 13:41
Where is Moorooka?

24-12-10, 17:48
but your Q means you are not the person I'd been emailing, etc, several years back...sorry to disturb...best wishes for the seasonl.

25-12-10, 01:35
Cool; thats about 4 hour drive south from me. LOL

26-12-11, 08:11
Hello Everyone; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope 2012 is a happy and safe one.

I am still hitting brick walls re Ida Emilia Engblom's paternal side although I have discovered she had a sister Olga Helena Engblom b. 02 Nov 1858 Their mother being Helena Christina Henriksdotter b. 13 Jul 1834 Uskela, Finland
d. 23 Jul 1919 Turku, Finland

On my grandfather's death certificate it has his mothers name as Ida Emilia Jensen, but from records I recently obtained Ida was still married to Otto Albert Soderholm when she died according to their Parish records, so I have no idea where the name Jensen comes from or why it is on Otto's death record.

Any ideas or suggestions on where to look for further information on the Engblom's would be greatly appreciated.

26-12-11, 18:49
Hello! The records show that both Ida Emelia and Olga Helena were born out of wedlock to Helena Kristiina Henriksdotter. The name Jensen isn't seen anywhere, so, perhaps someone "out there" will be able to help you with this.

26-12-11, 19:41
Hello again! I'm sorry, I see that I'm way behind on things! You've already had lots of replies....so, disregard my message! I haven't been on line very much lately.

27-12-11, 05:39
Thanks Roger, I had a feeling they might have been born out of wedlock but where would the name go Engblom have come from?