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11-11-03, 18:08
Sorry to enter this info so very late. Thought I did it years ago when all SFHS had was the Hasse's first revision of our home page. My father emigrated from Malax and my mother's father from Solf and mother from Jussilaby in Munsala. I married Don 42 years ago. His father emigrated from Terjärv and mother's parents from Nedervetil and Komossa, Oravais. We were both born and still live in Seattle WA.

I have been president of the Society for seven years or so. Am looking forward to handing the reins over next year. It has been exciting to participate in establishing SFHS in the context of Swedish Finn emigrants across the world. Many thanks to Hasse!
Building bridges home to Finland is my main goal. Spurring Swedish Finn descendents to record their memories, and research their family's community of Swedish Finns is next on my list of priorities.

My favorite activities are painting and solving puzzles, especially anything to do with Swedish Finland. I taught Swedish language, drawing and painting, and English lit/comp classes for 25 years before retiring 12 years ago. I help translate Swedish materials for the SFHS in between the other tasks, like developing museum quality exhibits.

I love to read the latest on Finlander every morning. Your generosity constantly astounds me. You all are the greatest!

Syrene Forsman