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24-06-08, 07:05
I am seeking information about my great-parents, Alfred Johansson Warn and Johanna Eriksdotter (Anderson?) Nyman. They were from Esse, Finland, born and married there. Alfred was born on January 22, 1878 and Johanna was born on June 6, 1878. My grandmother, Alma Emilia Warn, was also born there on July 10, 1898. Then in 1899 the family emigrated to the US on the vessel Bohemia, and eventually came to Oregon, USA. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

24-06-08, 07:21

Kaj Granlund has information about his pedigree on Talko Genealogy. His birthdate is notated 26 Jan 1878.

Due to Kaj Granlund's information he died in Vancouver, Washington 1945.

By the way, I am also a redhead and so were many of my relatives. I have a lot of them in Astoria, Oregon.

Christian Dahlin

24-06-08, 08:05

When the family arrives to America in 1900 they are going to Brainerd Minnesota where an uncle to Alfred is living.

MVH Kerstin

24-06-08, 18:22
Hi MVH Kerstin,
I believe that is correct. I have a lot more information on Alfred Warn and his family here in the US, including his death certificate, if you are interested. Alfred came here through Ellis Island, arriving on June 3, 1899. He also changed his last name to Varn for obvious reasons. Please let me know. Thanks,

24-06-08, 18:43
Hi Christian,
What a friendly forum this is!! Yes, I am redheaded and so are my brother and sister and my two adult children.
I have quite a bit of information about Alfred and Johanna Warn after they arrived here in the US. For example, Johanna died here in Portland, Oregon on April 24 1910 of diptheria. She is buried in Rose City Cemetery in Portland, Oregon. In fact my brother and I visited her grave site on Memorial Day last month in order to clean it up a bit.
Alfred and Johanna had five children, one of whom was my grandmother, Alma. Alfred eventually remarried his housekeeper and died on October 6, 1943 in Coos Bay, Oregon of coronary thrombosis.
What I am missing is all of the information about Alfred's genealogy in Finland. I know that his parents were Jonas Carlsson Warn and Anna Lovisa Mattsdotter Finnholm. I'm not sure about the last name of Finnholm. How could I access the genealogy that I am missing?
What is Talko Geneaology? Thank you for your reply, and please know that I am more htan willing to pass on the facts that I have.

24-06-08, 20:18
Hello Readhead!

"Talko Genealogy" is behind an icon up on this website. Just click at the icon and then you have to write your username and entry code. After that you have access to millions of names in all the databases from the members of this forum.

But if you want to have a copy of the information from Kaj Granlund's GED it is possible. I will send it to you as a private message. Kaj Granlund is the minister of the church of Esse and he has access to much information.

I have also a book about all the farms on the Wärn village in Esse. I could try to find more information there about his ancestors.

I have a friend (Hans-Erik Sundqvist) who is married in Portland, Oregon. And the Gustafson Logging Company is run by my 3rd cousins. I have many more cousins in Astoria - Portland. So say hello if you meet them!


24-06-08, 21:05
Hello again!

I put the Alfred Wärn pedigree as a pdf-file. Try to open it!

Btw, we are 5th cousins once removed!

Could you send me the descendants of Alfred and Johanna. I would be interested to have the complete table for this family.


Jaska Sarell
24-06-08, 22:28
Hi Redhead!

Attached some addition to the pedigree Christian sent.
It seems that we are 6th cousins once removed through Erik Eriksson Påvals (1735-1792).
Margareta (Greta) Johansdotter Påvals (later form Påvall) was first married to Alexander Jakobsson Stubb, who died before his 21st birthday. Similarly Matts Jakobsson Finnholm (also known as Portin) was first married to Caisa Lena Andersdr Forsbacka (1826-1851).

BTW. I'm greyhead :D

:) Jaska

24-06-08, 22:39
Thank you soooo much. Here is the attachment for the family of Alfred Warn. I see that there are some holes that I need to complete, such as middle names, etc., but the basic info is there.
I had trouble with the attachment so if it doesn't come through, let me know, and I'll email you privately a copy/paste page. I'm still getting use to how to navigate this forum.


June Pelo
25-06-08, 01:18
The Talko icon is at the top of the screen. But in order to access the data you need to submit a GedCom to Hasse Nygård and get a password from him.

25-06-08, 01:52
Ok, I am new to this. What is and how do I submit a GedCom? Does it have to do with the software that I use for genealogy?

25-06-08, 06:14
The webmaster of this site is Hasse Nygård. He gives you a password to the site. Talko Genealogy means to give and to get, so you are also supposed to give your own database to the forum so others also can use it.

You are welcome to this site.

P.S. I sent you a private message yesterday and hope you found it.

I took a quick look in the book of the Wärnum-village yesterday. Alfred had many siblings and their descendants are well known to me. At least one of them was Herman Wärn and he lived in Bingham for a time, but returned later. In the book were also a picture of Alfred with his family (wife and three daughters) in US.


25-06-08, 09:12
Dear Redhaed

I remember Herman Wärn very well, brother to Alfred. My father was manager (disponent) of Esse Andelsmejeri and on the directorate was Herman a member, president.
Herman had also a younger brother Emil, both of them had an excellent humour. They was also very practical artificers.

Herman was a musician, played in ‘Esse Hornorkester’ among others, my father.
As a little boy, I ‘take part’ of many practices … later I also played in the orchestra under his son Erik’s leadership. Oh, I have so many memories from ‘old mans time’ so I could write a book about it.

Best regards
Kaj Timrén

Photo 1, Eric Timrén, Emil Back, Hjalmar Gunell, Ragnar Finnäs, Edvin Antfolk, Herman Wärn, Erik Wärn and Alfred Portin.
The photos is taken year 1944 from 'bröllopet i Höpovatten' ... undrar vems av sönernas bröllop? ... minnena 'flödar' till också från besöken i Höpovatten ..

ps. I forget my 'morfar' Emil Backlund and Herman Wärn worked together in Bingham.

25-06-08, 14:59
I memember fault Back, Lennart is correct name.

June Pelo
25-06-08, 17:25
In order to submit a GedCom you need to have a genealogy program on your computer. Each genealogy program has a method for preparing a GedCom. If you have questions, click on the Talko icon at the top of the screen and it tells you there how you can contact Hasse, the moderator. Perhaps he can help explain what you need to do to get a password.

27-06-08, 01:36
Thanks for your messages and information about the Warn family. My husband follows hockey and has heard of a couple of the players I'm going to send some photos of Alfred Warn and his famliy in another email. I cannot find where to add attachments to this. The first one is the Warn children, in descending order Alma, Agda, Signa, Ellen and Bertle, the second photo is the Warn children as adults but Signa is missing-1937, the third one is Alma (Warn) Kleiner and the last one is Alfred Warn-1930 perhaps.

27-06-08, 01:43


Kaj Granlund
28-06-08, 07:10
Must say that picture of Alfred really shows from which family he is! YOu can see the similarietes to the people living here

Kaj Granlund
30-06-08, 07:59
the information about his death that I have in the talko base is from the church records, and I have to keep that official date here, but will add the correct in a note in our database at the church