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June Pelo
25-06-08, 01:27
I don't think this is solvable, but someone is looking for the birthplace of her grandfather who was born somewhere in the US on 23 Apr 1910 - his name was Korte Taival Vuorinen. That's all she knows about him. He went to Finland before 1944. His parents were Matti Bergendahl-Vuorinen and Hilda Wilhelmina Blomberg.

June Pelo
25-06-08, 17:18
The family has come up with a little more info. and they think some of their Vuorinen people lived in Worcester, MA. They said there was : "Herman Ivar Bergendahl/Wuorinen, his first spouse Anni Matilda Laitala and son Paul Ensio Wuorinen; his second spouse Lydia Hautamäki and their children Tauno K. Wuorinen [spouse Kaarina Isotalo, children Erika, Anna and Philip, who is presumably dead] and Voitto Wuorinen ) there. I do know that Tauno and others lived in Worcester at one point, as I have copies of old letters from there."

Is it possible to find any of these names in MA around 1910? Korte's parents married in Finland in 1908 and came to the US between 1908-10. They stayed a few years and then returned to Finland. The family would like to find living relatives in the US.

Karen Norwillo
25-06-08, 18:23
June, I found the family of Herman Wuoinen in Mass in 1930, as well as many of their military info. From the Mass Death Index
Tauno K Wuorinen born 28 Oct 1917 in Worcester and died 27 Dec 2001 in Medford, Mass.
Lydia M Wuorinen died 10 Jan 1977 in Worcester
Tauno served as a Sgt in the Army Air Force in WWII and is buried in Riverside Military Cemetery in N. Reading, Mass.
In the 1930 census I attached, Herman and Lydia have been married only 2 yrs. She is much younger than he. It appears all of the children must have been Anna Mathilda's, with the possible exception of the youngest girl.

June Pelo
25-06-08, 21:43

Wonderful, Wonderful information - I'll send it all over to the family and I know they'll be thrilled to get it. I'm wondering if you weren't able to find a birth record in MA for Korte Taival Wuorinen on 23 Apr 1910? The family thought that since other family members lived in MA, perhaps Korte was also born there. Otherwise they don't know where in the US he was born.


Karen Norwillo
26-06-08, 15:03
June, I didn't find Korte anywhere. Do you know what the Americanized version of his name would be? I tried all combinations I could think of. Unless he died in the US, plugging his DOB in won't work. Karen

June Pelo
26-06-08, 17:20

The family thinks he used his middle name of Taival. They thought he could be born in MA since other family members had gone there. Thanks for checking - I figured it was a hopeless case.

Karen Norwillo
26-06-08, 21:07
I got the photo. Too bad no studio markings. There were also Wuorinen in MI, MN and MT. I'll keep looking. With Herman's family, could someone named Voitto use the name Victor? I found a Victor Wourinen in Worcester that was born about the same year as Voitto, 1919. Karen

Karen Norwillo
26-06-08, 21:53
June, I found Hilda Blomberg and Matti Wuorinen arrival, going to Gardner, MA. See manifest. Now we're getting somewhere. Karen

Karen Norwillo
26-06-08, 21:55
Here's the manifest. I accidentally attached the photo of them you sent. They arrived 1907.

June Pelo
27-06-08, 02:15
Thank you, Karen. I'll send it to Finland right away.

June Pelo
27-06-08, 17:50
The family thought Matti Vuorinen was a miner in the US, but now they found that he was a stone worker - he made gravestones. That sounds like he worked around the quarries in New England - maybe Gardner, MA was near a quarry.

Karen Norwillo
27-06-08, 17:51
If Victor is Voitto, born 15 Jan 1919 and died 27 Apr 1987 in Worcester.
Lydia Wuorinen was born 26 Nov 1907. Herman Wuorinen was born 24 Jul 1888 and died May 1958 in MA.
I still find no trace of Korte Taival. I wonder if it's possible to get his place of birth from his WWII records in Finland. Since he died in service, they should have a record from his enlistment. Maybe the family can pursue it in Finland.

Jaska Sarell
27-06-08, 18:46
The deseased directory at http://kronos.narc.fi/menehtyneet/ (sorry, cannot find English pages) lists following (omitting empty fields):

sääty naimisissa [married]
sukupuoli mies [male]
kansalaisuus FI [citizenship]
kansallisuus FI [nationality]
äidinkieli suomi [mother tongue: Finnish]
lasten lukumäärä 2 [children]
ammatti rajavart. [profession: border guard]
sotilasarvo kersantti [rank: sergeant]
joukko-osasto URR [unit: Uusimaa Cavalry Regiment]
syntymäaika 23.04.1910 [born]
kotikunta Pielisensuu [home parish]
asuinkunta Kontiolahti [place of living]
kuolinaika 04.09.1941 [died]
kuolinpaikka Sunajoki,Säämäjärvi [place of death]
hautauskunta Joensuu [burial place]
menehtymisluokka kaatui, siunattu ja haudattu [killed in action, .. and buried]
vapaa paikkatieto syntynyt Yhdysvalloissa [born in the United States]

So this record doesn't specify his place of birth more exactly :(

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
27-06-08, 18:57
Thanks, Jaska. Just a thought that unfortunately didn't "pan out." Only other option since June has an exact DOB, is having a search done in MA Birth records, which will surely have a fee. I'll try the MA RAOGK. They've usually come through for me.
I submitted a request to someone in Worcester County, which includes Gardner and Worcester amongst other towns in the area. Let you know what she finds. Karen

June Pelo
27-06-08, 20:56
Thanks Karen and Jaska. I think you've done all that can be done in this search. And the family is thankful for all the help you've given. They have lots of photos that were taken, but none have any identifying location on them. So Taival's birthplace will probably remain a mystery.

Karen Norwillo
02-07-08, 17:27
I heard back from the lady in Worcester with RAOGK. She found your Korte Taival Wuorinen in the 1910 Birth Index. I am sending for a copy of the info which I will pass on to you as soon as I get it. Karen

June Pelo
02-07-08, 17:38
Thanks, Karen. There will be great joy in Finland when I tell them their grandfather's record has been found. They had already decided it would remain a mystery.

Karen Norwillo
02-07-08, 19:28
You're quite welcome. Today has been a very productive and satisfying day. I was also able to reunite a box of wonderful old photographs with their family. My husband's aunt died recently and we came into possession of a bunch of photos of her husband's family. We didn't know any of them except my husband's uncle. I felt they should go to someone in that family. With alot of searching and some help from names in an obit, I found a daughter of one of brothers of Uncle Bill. She's just thrilled to get them, so they went off in the mail today. Feels good.

June Pelo
02-07-08, 23:52
I know how you feel because I recently did the same thing. A cousin whose mother's mother's was born in Sweden gave me a box of many old photos - all taken in Sweden and none were labeled. I had no idea who they were, but assumed they were part of his mother's family. I noticed a photo of young twin girls, and also saw that there were twin girls in his mother's family. It's a long story, but I asked Ingemar Ekman if he could find any members of that family in Sweden. He did find some living members and sent me an address. I contacted them and offered to send them the photos. They said they would be pleased to get them so I sent them. They told me there was one old aunt still living who would be able to recognize the photos. I was happy to save the photos from a flea market or being thrown in the trash. :)

Karen Norwillo
15-12-09, 18:06
I received today from Finland a photo of the grave of a Korte Vuorinen and another of a monument in Joensuu Cemetery. I'll have to email it to your private email. It's too big, unless I can make it smaller.

June Pelo
15-12-09, 20:51
OK, Karen. If it comes through before I go to bed I can let Jenni know.