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30-06-08, 17:35
Looking for relatives of the Kamb family in the States and CANADA.

Also any Ekman members of the famous seacaptains of the Kristinestad, Finland?

Thanks, Tapio Holma (tapiok*comcast.net)

June Pelo
30-06-08, 20:27
Several years ago I translated an article about a Kamb family in Washington state. Don't know if there's a link to your Kamb, but I'll attach the article.

Can you be more specific about the Ekman people: names, dates, etc.

30-06-08, 23:32
Old anchestor

Jonas Hansson Kamb 1742- 1793

JONAS (kamb) Ekman 1768- 1851

Children to the last mentioned forefather:

Brita Helena Ekman 1798 1874
Maria Margaret Ekman 1800 1884
Mats Ekman 1803-1898
Josef Henrik Ekman 1806 1859
Carl Peter Ekman 1806-1859 (My great great grandfather)
Rebecca Ekman
Christina Ekman
Eric Nils Ekman 1818 1912 (the most famous of the seacaptains)

The birthplace for most of these Ekman was Kristinestad, Finland and also Lappfjard next village to Kristinestad.

Thank you so much for the info The Kamb history you translated from....
are probably sons of the Kamb older folks. Many of the Kambs left for the United States in middle of 1800

Thank you again for your reference to this matter.

Tapio Holma

01-07-08, 07:32
Jonas Hansson Kamb waqs a soldier birth in Skåne Sweden and merrid two times.
1:st merrid 1763 to Anna Mattsdotter Butts born in Lappfjerd 1731.
2:nd merrid 1774 to Hedvig Mattsdotter Kråka born in Teuva 13/10 1736.
Henrik Mangs

01-07-08, 23:43
Any idea of Jonas (Kamb) Ekman, background Why the change as toEkman name?
Tapio Holma

June Pelo
02-07-08, 01:12
Here are the descendants of Jonas:


05-09-13, 22:41

I am leaving for Finland to study the Ekman family in Kristinestad's archives.. maybe I can find more about Kamb family same time (The =Kamb family in Mt Vernon ,WA must be same family with my anchestors.

Keep in touch,

Tapio Holma