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June Pelo
01-07-08, 23:59
Erna Terese Lindblom was born 6 Apr 1913 in Jakobstad, Finland and died 4 May 2008 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. She emigrated to Canada in 1962. She retired at age 74 having served as a cook for soldiers behind the front (Winter War), as a secretary in Anders Lassfolk lace factory (Finland 1935-1962), secretary to the Finnish Consulate (Vancouver, B.C., 1962-1969), and as manager of Martina's Scandinavian Import Center for 17 years. She spoke Finnish, Swedish, English, German - all fluently. In her early years at the Runeberg Lodge she gave Swedish and Finnish language lessons. She is survived by nieces Erna Bauer, Tina Ekengren and Eeva Valimake; great-nephew and nieces and friends in Canada and Finland.