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06-07-08, 22:36
OK - I'm posting this about a month early so those that want to have some family fun can get prepared, i.e. order the fish or go catch them.

You can Google for crawfish suppliers that ship directly to you, but if you go that route, you should plan on having a LARGE family and friends gathering, but why not? It is summer, after all.:)

Here is a small recipe, if you like, just cook several batches, don't try to cook large batches.

About 2 lbs. of crawfish (6 inches long is best)
3 liters of fresh water
About 5 tablespoons salt (sea salt is best)
About 1 tablespoon sugar (brown sugar has better flavor)
A couple of hand fulls of dill crowns (just after they have turned yellowish, but not open)
1 piece of star anise (I don't recommend it, but some like it) optional (I like it better for making Akvavit).

Only use living crawfish.

Boil water, salt, sugar, dill crowns and anise.

With the crawfish in a collander, plunge them into boiling water and allow to come back to a boil for about 10 minutes or so. Remove pot from the heat source, and allow the crawfish to cool off in this same water. If you like, you can add icecubes to reduce the temperature.

Serve with hard tack or some sort of nice rye bread, good aged cheese, sliced cucumber, etc.

You can serve it either cold or warm. Have it with a nice beer or Sima, or an ice cold vodka (I prefer Finlandia, but Absolut is an acceptable 3rd choice after Stoli). For fun, you can infuse the alcohol with lingon berries or sauce.

Crack, Sip and Suck.

06-07-08, 23:28
Excellent receipe,

About the strong white wine, there is many variations depending on taste, some would want to have Skane Aquavit, some goes for Vodka, some even goes for strong white rhum +50%
Whatever taste the "wine" should be taken like "cafe brutale" in Italy without any unnessecary additional ingrediences like water or similar ;-)

Lasse Holm

08-08-08, 01:05
Time to eat this weekend and all month?:D

08-08-08, 08:10
The next party is on the island of Stuvuholmen (http://kartat.eniro.fi/query?&what=map_adr&mop=aq&mapstate=8;23.348552;59.894412;s;23.34439593343370 6;59.89635176093412;23.35269945867076;59.892473014 98379;616;543&mapcomp=;;;;;;;;;;;;;;0;0;;;;0&stq=0#) coming Saturday evening... Sadly the meteorologists promise rain that evening...

Lat: N 59º 53' 39.87"
Long: E 23º 20' 54.96"A crayfish party is a very positive social event. If you haven't attended one I recommend you to do so.

I'll try to remember to post a picture afterwards

08-08-08, 09:16
Well, that sounds about right as far as I remember.:eek:

08-08-08, 13:20
Pictures of crawfish parties are important, because few remember anything of the party afterwards.