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13-07-08, 19:48

Here is my Mom's Mom's Father's Mother. My Great-great-grandmother Anna Brita Henriksdotter SPIKBACKA.

Here is her pedigree, anyone know any living descendants?

1. Anna Brita Henriksdotter SPIKBACKA: born on 14 Jan 1844 in Kronoby, Finland. Married on 6 Jul 1862 in Kronoby to Matts Gustaf Andersson Stor- GRANLUND: born on 10 Feb 1840 in Kronoby.

2. Henrik Henriksson SPIKBACKA: born on 13 Dec 1818 in Kronoby, Finland; married on 22 Jun 1841 in Kronoby, Finland

3. Maja Lisa Andersdotter Saari- MÖLLER: born on 19 Sep 1

4. Henrik Mattsson SPIKBACKA: born on 21 Mar 1787 in Kronoby, Finland; married on 20 Jun 1806 in Kronoby, Finland

5. Anna Hansdotter KIVIJÄRVI: born on 1 Sep 1786 in Kronoby, Finland; died on 6 Feb 1826

8. Matts Carlsson Kåustar-Spikbacka- KALLIS: born on 5 Feb 1749 in Karleby, Finland; married on 4 Dec 1772 in Karleby, Finland

9. Brita Hansdotter Snåre- SPIK: born on 7 Aug 1750; died on 19 Feb 1809

16. Karl Henriksson Gästgivars- KÅUSTAR: born in Mar 1716 in Karleby, Finland; married on 24 Oct 1738 in Rödsö, Karleby, Finland; died on 27 May 1774

17. Margareta Mickelsdotter KALLIS: born in Sep 1719 in Karleby, Finland; died on 9 Jan 1790

32. Henrik Johansson KÅUSTAR: born in 1683 in Karleby, Finland; died on 24 Jan 1737 in Karleby, Finland

33. Anna Carlsdotter KÅUSTAR: born in 1686 in Karleby, Finland

66. Carl Bertilsson Lillmåsala- KOUSTAR: born in 1658; died on 13 Nov 1737

67. Brita Andersdotter KOUSTAR: born in 1661 in Karleby, Finland; died in 1741

14-07-08, 00:20

The woman in my post above is the mother of my great grandfather, Henrik Viljam Mattsson GRANLUND: born on 25 Mar 1878 in Kronoby, Finland; married on 2 Jul 1900 in Kronoby, Finland; died on 16 Dec 1910 in Astoria, Oregon.

Henrik Viljam went by the name WILLIAM GRANLUND in the USA, particularly in Astoria, but his death record goes like this:
GRANLUND, HENRIC W. -- Age 32 yrs. 8 mos. 22 days, born in Finland. Died Dec. 16, 1910, 2420 Cedar St., Astoria, Ore. Cause of death: diabetes. Married. Carpenter. Father: Matt Granlund (b. Finland). Mother: Anna Brita (b. Finland)

I am aware that Henric (William) had a couple of sisters, Wilhelmina and Ottilia.

I find no records of Wilhelmina, maybe she died early on.

I do find a passport record for Ottilia Sofia Granlund issued on 27 March 1902. On it, is states that she was born in 1880, home parish Kronoby. Destination: Amerikka.

I see that on 5 April 1902, she leaves Hanko, heading to Boston, her age is listed as 21. Ship: Polaris to England and then on the Dominion Line (no name).

I see that on 11 September 1907, she leaves Hanko (again) heading to Boston, her age is listed as 27. Ship: Polaris to England and then the Saxonia.

Lastly, I see that on 2 October 1912, she leaves Hanko heading to Boston, her age is listed as 32. Ship: Titania to England and then the Arabic.

All of the ages match up for all of the trips.

I can find no record of her arriving in the US let alone Boston.

Can anyone find where she lived in Boston? Determine why she went back and forth so often?

As I can't find records of her going back to Finland, did she make a final departure back to Finland after 1912?

Was she a "spinster" as I notice the Granlund name is always used on the Migration Institute records? Did she eventually marry? Could she possibly have had children after age 32? I know some of my ladies had children into their mid 40's... one of my great grandmothers had her last child when she was a week shy of 45, and she had 15 children!!!

If I've made the wrong assumption regarding Wilhelmina, I would love to be proved wrong as well.

Anyone have access to census records or other data in the Boston area?

Thanks a bunch - Ilmari

Karen Norwillo
14-07-08, 02:45
Here are two of the arrivals for Ottila Granlund, one for 1907, the other 1912. It indicates she was in US 1902-1907 and then 1907-1912, both times in Boston. She is listed as single. I haven't found the 1902 arrival as yet. Unfortunately, she would have missed the 1900 census and may have missed the 1910 if travelling. I'll keep looking. I'll put the second page of 1912 on another reply. Karen

Karen Norwillo
14-07-08, 02:58
Here's page 2 of the 1912 census. I'll do more looking tomorrow. Karen

14-07-08, 08:18

Thanks so much. Can your eyes make out the names or address that are listed as the "from" address in Kronoby? Name more important than the address.

I know that other people on the Forum here are related to these people, but probably not directly... more like great great aunt or cousin or so.

Still, I'd be curious to know if any still live. As far as my line went, after Henrik William, he had my grandmother and her brothers. They are all dead, and only my grandmother had descendants. Her brothers married, divorced and remained childless.

I remember when I was a very young boy, we were in Nedervetil and two very old ladies came to visit... they were "spinster" sisters, or maybe old widows, and I believe they were related to either Spikbacka's or Granlund's... they were dressed in very old fashioned mourning clothing that was more Victorian than late-mid 20th century... all black even with jet jewelry. I remember because they put SALT in their coffee and I thought that that was very strange.

Karen Norwillo
14-07-08, 15:20
I don't know what that means in front of Kronoby. Looks like an abbreviation for something. Almost looks like N.da. I see it in front of a few names. I'm wondering if it could mean non-declared alien. All of those people with the N.da have been in the US previously. Both times she is bound for friends in Belmont, Mass. 1912 says name of person from where she came from as sister Hamas? Granlund Sandogatan No. 9 Wasa. 1907 says mother Anna Brita ?
Friend that she's going to in 1907 looks like Nath? Anderson in Belmont. Karen

Karen Norwillo
14-07-08, 16:32
Hiski has two other births listed for a Matts Gustafsson and Anna Brita Henriksdotter in Kronoby. 27 Aug 1864 Spikbacka farm, Hopsala, Kronoby Matts Leander. 17 Aug 1867 Stor farm Maja Lisa. Ottilia Sofia 9 Jun 1880 Stor farm, Hopsala, Kronoby. Anna Brita Henriksdotter was 36. I also found the Stor and Spikbacka farms in Hopsala, Kronoby, adjoining, listed showing Matts Granlund family in 1865-1870-1875-1880. That's as far as records go on Digital Archives. In 1875 it shows 2 boys and 3 girls under 16 years, no names given.
I also found a large Granlund family listed in the Worcester, MA directory in 1906. Maybe some names will look familiar.
Did not find a birth record for a Wilhemina Granlund to Matts and Anna.

Karen Norwillo
14-07-08, 16:34
Here's the 1905 Worcester directory for Granlund. No Ottilia found in all the listings.
Notice Otto is in Belmont. Only one.

Karen Norwillo
14-07-08, 17:22
I found this 1920 Census in Belmont, MA which looks interesting. See Victor Mattson and wife Ottilia. Her age fits. I can't find them in 1930. Belmont is a suburb of Boston. Karen

14-07-08, 18:11
Thanks Karen,

This Victor Mattson angle is certainly interesting.

I'll have to see what I can dig through on photos. I can't imagine Ottilia as too common, but will have to research the name itself, and see if a world event had people naming their children because of some new queen somewhere?

Sometimes I surprise myself with how dumb I can be with computers... do you know if I can print the images on the attachments? or if there is a way to put them onto my own hard drive?

Again, THANKS - Ilmari

14-07-08, 18:15

To clarify my question... on the 1st attachment above, there are Lillsund names and other such information on that line just to the right of Kronoby.

Of course, Lillsund is the name of the farm (now) that used to be Ahlskog and Paasiala. I'm curious if you can read that, again my eyes fail me.

Thanks - Ilmari

Karen Norwillo
14-07-08, 20:29
I magnified to 200 and what I can see looks like Anna Brita Lillsund, underneath looks like Kuartamara or Puas?amara, Kronoby. Hard to read.
I looked up origin of Ottilia. It is thought to be a feminine form of Otto and means prosperity, riches, inheritance. It is used in Germany, Sweden, Finland, as well as other countries in various spellings. It is also a saints name.
I found a manifest for a 1902 arrival of a Vilhelmina Grönlund going to Cambridge, MA to friend Isak Okerlund. Isak and his wife Lena or Carolina are found in Cambridge in 1910. Both from Finland. Oddly, the name above hers is going to Herman Grönlund in Springfield, MA. Both are from Korsnäs.

Karen Norwillo
15-07-08, 22:04
Looking at the birth records on Hiski, there is a daughter Anna Brita born 7 Oct 1862 to a Matts Andersson Granlund and Brita Henricsdotter age 18. Wonder if the Andersson could be an error? This would fit with the Anna born in '62 in the 1880 census. Also, Anna Brita was 20 at 1864 birth of Matts Leander, 2 yrs. later. Unfortunately, the '62 birth doesn't give a farm.
Also, found a marriage for Matts Leander, born '64. 13 July 1902 Matts Leander Mattsson of Stor farm to Edla Sofia Johansdotter of Lillsund farm.

Karen Norwillo
16-07-08, 20:48
Found some unusual entries on Ancestry.com Immigration/Emigration lists. There are three women arriving 28 Aug 1907 on the Ultonia going to friend Ottilia Granlund in Roxbury, MA. Ottilia's 1907 arrival was in Septmber. She must have been back and forth frequently. Anyway, their names are Wendla Teir, 39, a nurse from Wasa, Helga Björk, 21 and Ester Wilsman, 22. Maybe these names will help. Roxbury is a neighborhood within Boston. Karen