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13-07-08, 22:33
I am looking for Fransiska Oman, she was born 15 May 1874 in Christianastad, Finland. She left for America in 1899, and a man named Vernen Omen from the same parish left on the same ship with her. I aint sure how they are related but I am guessing they are. I am looking for who her parents were, siblings she had, and where the family lived in Finland.

14-07-08, 01:43
At Ashland Wisconsin church
Oman, Johannes Johannesson Jul 1 1870 Maxmo em 1890
Oman, Anna Lisa Dec 7 1873 Finland em 1895
Oman, Anna Sofia f. Nyquist May 14 1881 Maxmo Apr 14 1906 em 1903
Oman, Bernhard Ellwood Oct 1 1910 Ashland, WI
Oman, Evelin Gertrud May 29, 1914 Ashland, WI
Oman, Edla Maria f. Selenius Apr 7 1882 Worra Vasa Sep 10 1907 em 1902 died 1915
stepdau Oman, Agnes Alma Dec 29 1889 Ashland, WI
stepdau Oman, Helfrid no data Ashland, WI
Oman, Lennard Melvin Oct 27 1910 Ashland, WI died Nov 3 1910
in upper Michigan:
Swenson 217 = Michigan, Delta Co, Gladstone First Lutheran
217 29w Sanna Brita Grönlund Oman Nov 8 1881 Munsala 1905
Swenson 211 = Michigan Dickinson County, Metropolitan, Zion Lutheran
211 24w Alexandra Irene Oman Jan 4 1882 Sideby 1886
211 30h John Johnson Oman Ovist Aug 22 1878 Öfverpurmo 1901
211 30w Katarina Johanna f. Hendrikson Wäst Dec 21 1882 Munsala 1902
211 30h Edward Oman Henning Sep 9 1901 Vasa 1904
211 32h Petter August Oman Jun 9 1858 Ömossa Sideby 1881
211 32w Anna Greta Sandberg Mar 13 1850 Jeppo 1901
211 49h John Öman Nov 13 1869 Sideby 1891 1910
211 49w Maria Mathilda Carlsdotter Oct 1 1868 Sideby 1895 1896 1900
211 49h Carl Johan Skogman Charley Nov 30 1868 Sideby 1891
211 49w Aurora or Mrs Fred Grönmark Oman Mar 25 1860 Sideby 1891/93
Swenson S 14-3 = Michigan, Gogebic Co, Wakefield, Immanuel Lutheran
S 14-3 58w Mrs John Oman Mar 11 1870 Nykarleby unk

probably none of these ppl fit you but it surprised me to see so many :) The ppl are from Ashland Wisconsin (first listing) and the upper peninsula of Michigan. maybe they are relatives to those people ?
good luck,

Ed Mickelson
14-07-08, 02:03
There is a William Oman in the Bovey Mn area..There also is a Oman in Chisholm Mn but I guess their last name was changed when the family member imigrated here from Finland.Ed M

14-07-08, 08:22
These are some items I found. They are likely correct with the exception of the latter items.

I'm off to bed, but thought that I'd post it, even if it is a little messy. I'll check back tomorrow.

At Ellis Island, there is a ship manifest as follows:
Cunard Line: Umbria, arriving at Ellis Island 28 October, 1899, having sailed from Liverpool, England.
Both are listed as being from Kristinestad

Francisca Oman 25 Servant . Looks like she is going to her brother in Iron Mountain, Michigan.
Verner Oman 21 Laborer (Both of them are listed as “single”.

On the Migration Institute pages, there is a passport for an Anders Verner Åman that went to Sweden on 2 June, 1915. It shows his home parish as Kuivaniemi (which is part of Oulu, so a bit “odd”) but has the likely correct date of his original passport issued, and states 1898.

There is also an Amanda Åhman (passport date) 26 September 1889. She is from Kristinestad and is heading to Sweden.

Oman Werner Iron Mtn. MI USA 21.10.1899

Last name Oman
First names Werner
Age or age group 21
Port of departure Kristiinankaupunki
Place of destination Iron Mtn.
State of destination MI
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 302
Ship from Finland Polaris
Date of departure from Finland 21.10.1899
Ship from England *
Date of departure from England . .9999
Ocean Line Cunard Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 10/17

Karen Norwillo
14-07-08, 21:13
I think this may be Fransiska Oman in 1900 in Norway, Dickinson, MI. Close to Iron Mountain. She's #3, listed as Siska Oman. Date of Emigration matches as 1899. There's an Oscar Oman at the bottom of the page #49. Karen

Karen Norwillo
14-07-08, 21:17
Here's the 1899 arrival of the Umbria.

Karen Norwillo
14-07-08, 21:42
These are all the Oman in Iron Mountain on the 1900 Census born Finland
Victor Oman Aug 1869, George Oman Dec 1864, laborers, boarders
John Oman and wife Matilda 1870
Gabriel 1873 and wife Vendla 1870, other years show a large family, all children born MI.

Kaj Granlund
20-07-08, 08:07
As a person immigrated they probably asked "From where do you come" and some gave the first departure port. There was an emigration office in Kristinestad, with direct steaem line connections to other ports so that might be a reason why some told they came from Kristinestad. But they weren't born there. Frensiska/ Franseska isn't that a common name in Finland, But I know there were some in Kristinestad.

Karen Norwillo
20-07-08, 16:36
I found on Ancestry.com, an entire family tree for Fransiska Omen. It is from a Sundberg/Johnson Family Tree.

Franciska E Omen, born 15 May 1874 Kristinestad, Finland, married John Oscar Sundberg, 31 Jul 1871 in Finland. Fransiska died 26 Feb 1951 in Duluth, St Louis, MN. John died 13 Aug 1954, Duluth.


Alvina J, 31 Aug 1902, Spalding, Aitkin, MN and died 12 Feb 1993, Grand Rapids, Itaska, MN. She was married to Hjalmer A Hendrickson 1892-1966
Hulda A, 6 Jan 1904, 30 Nov 1993 Itasca, MN
Olga Syrene, 13 Mar 1907 Spalding, 30 May 1954 Duluth
Ellen May, 11 Jan 1909, 26 Jul 1984 North Bend, WA
Martha Alina, 8 Aug 1911 Spalding, 26 Aug 2006 Poison Lake, MT
Bertha O, 24 May 1913 Spalding, 28 Feb 1981 Kent, King, WA
William Oscar, 23 Jul 1915-
The family lived in Spalding, MN for the 1910 census and McGregor, MN for the 1920. I would assume that the children were all born in Spalding.
I'll go back and see what else I can find now that we have a married name. Karen

Karen Norwillo
20-07-08, 17:30
Doing abit of Googling, there is a piece by Gunnar Nybond called Släkten Öman i Ömossa, but it's in Swedish. It tells some history on the Ömans. It appears the family is found in Ömossa village. I see both Kristinestad and Sideby mentioned, so I'm not sure in which parish it is found. Maybe someone who reads Swedish can help. Karen

Karen Norwillo
20-07-08, 18:05
In looking at all the census records for the family, it appears Fransiska's husband was Oscar John, whether he was born John Oscar, I don't know. Do you have this info? I see there is another tree under Peterson, is that yours?' Here's the Sundberg family in 1905 including Oscar's parents, Oscar, Fransiska, their first 2 children and, I assume, some of Oscar's siblings. Do you have the 1910-20 and 30 images?

Karen Norwillo
20-07-08, 21:17
This is from Hiski and the Digital Archives.
Johan Gustaf Alexandersson Sundberg, father of Oscar Johan, was born 19 Sep 1847 Sorila farm, Isojoki/Storå to Alexander Gustafsson Sorila and Lisa, age 21. On 7 May 1869, he moved to Lappfjerd as Sundberg.
Maria Sofia Johansdotter Högström, mother of Oscar, was born 26 Jun 1848 in Åback, Krokbäck farm, Lappfjerd to Johan Gustafsson Högström and Maja Lena 25.
Attached is the household census from Åback village, Krokbäck farm showing both Maria Sofia's parents and Johan Gustaf Sundberg and Maria. Birth years match.

21-08-08, 12:21
I,am looking for Arvid Johannes Holm. birth 30.07.1898 in Maxmo Finland and he come first time to Canada 1929.Then he go back to family in Finland 1936 for 1 year.28.04.1937 he come back to Montreal and i no that he lived at Markham Street 586 Toronto when he die.His friend G.Riihiman send a letter to Finland abaut it.He death 18.09.1969.
Where ca he been buried

Greetings from Åland Finland