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17-07-08, 06:13
Hi, our group of some 30 scooterists from around the U.S. and Canada visited a referbished 2 room school house, which was open through the beginning of the 20th century in Minnesota called Toimi, and was founded by a Finnish community. The caretaker gave us an upbeat presentation on how they brought it back to life and how they tought the Finnish language, along with English, when he went to the Toimi school. I was chosen to write an article for their local paper on our visit. I would like to add the following phrase, "Thank you, Mr. Kunnari, for all of your hard work in keeping this school alive." in Finnish at the end of the article, but I need to have it translated into Finnish for me.

He was so excited and enthusiastic that we showed interest in his school it was as if we was still in school to this day. Any help in this reguards would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Steve Gabbert

Jaska Sarell
18-07-08, 22:28
Hi Steve,

My suggestion is:
Herra Kunnari, kiitos kaikesta kovasta työstänne tämän koulun säilyttämisessä elossa.

:) Jaska

19-07-08, 06:34
Kiitoksia paljon, Jaska.