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21-07-08, 01:56

I am seeking Marie Erickson who came to USA in 1895 with her family. The information that I have :
Father: Gustaf or Gustav Erickson
Mother: Beata Michelson Scott
Johanna or Hannah Erickson, born about 1875
Erick Alfred Erickson, born about 1884
Edla Erickson (Norqvist), born 19 October 1877
Marie Erickson (Norqvist), born 27 July 1881

I have been told that there is a farm named Norqvist in the Vaasa area.
Thank you for any additional information you are able to give me!:) :)
Martha Mortenson

Kaj Granlund
25-07-08, 11:54
Scott is a Vasa region name.

25-07-08, 18:56
Thank you! Marie's father's name is Michael Scott. Any one find nything on him? Thanks again!
Martha Mortenson