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21-07-08, 14:43
..was she married to Axel Verner Gullback? or his daughter? In vancouver.

Karen Norwillo
21-07-08, 16:21
I found several day trips from Vancouver to Soma, WA for Lilly and Axel. She was his wife. Looks like she was born in Revelstoke, BC to Ivan Armstrong. I have attached the 1936 and 1938 crossing records. The 1938 crossing was just Axel, accompanied by Lennert Wikstrom and Edwin Granholm. Tells you he arrived to Halifax May 1924. He is a logger. Gives father-in-law as Ivan Armstrong. He was from Oravais, Vasaland, Finland.
These little documents give alot of info for a day trip. Karen

Karen Norwillo
21-07-08, 19:08
Sorry, missread destination in WA, should be Sumas, which is just across the border from Vancouver.

21-07-08, 22:26
Axel Verner Gullback married Lillian Mabel Armstrong on January 28th, 1932 in Vancouver, BC according to the bc archives

Karen Norwillo
21-07-08, 23:24
Lilly's parents were Ernest Ivan Armstrong and Mary Roseffa Kirk. They were married 20 May 1908, Revelstoke District, BC
Ernest Ivan Armstrong died 13 Sep 1963 at age 79, N.Vancouver, BC.
Mary Roseffa Armstrong died 27 Mar 1951 at age 69 in Vancouver, BC
This is also from the BC Archives. Karen

22-07-08, 08:21
thousands of thank yous! =) i also put my whole family on ancestry now. this is like a full time job! =)))

22-07-08, 08:24
thank you very much! now I need to find the children of axel and lilly, so i can tell my grandfather about them! =)

Karen Norwillo
22-07-08, 15:26
The B C Archives is a wonderful site, but unfortunately the birth records don't cover the time that they would be having their children. I did not find them, Axel and Lilly, on the Death Index in BC, so maybe they moved from Canada. Karen

22-07-08, 15:54
I love the BC Archives site, but unfortunately due to changes in the system, no birth records will be available until 120 years after the persons' birth.

The only thing might be if they are listed in an obit for a grandparent. I will check to see if there is anything for Ernest in the archives when I am at the library next.

Karen Norwillo
22-07-08, 19:50
There is a site with Christmas and New Year greetings to friends and family in Finland. I found under Vasabladets jul och nyårshälsningar 1952

fam. Oscar Gullback c/o Cand A Logging Co. Port McNeill, BC Canada, Mr Axel Gullback 1249 Odium Dr Vancouver 6 BC to family Mia Blomqvist, Alfred Anderson Pensala in Oravais.
I wonder if Oscar Arvid Gullback and Axel are brothers? At least you know Axel was still in Vancouver in 1952.

28-07-08, 16:57
Here are a couple of obits for you:

ARMSTRONG March 27, 1951, Mary Roseffa Armstong 3321 Windsor St. In her 71st year. Survived by her husband, 3 daughters Mr S Hayes of West Vancouver, Mrs E Stein and J Easthope of Lulu Island; 4 grandchildren; 3 brothers Clarence Kirk of Revelstoke; 2 brothers in Ontario; 1 sister, Mrs.WS Martin of New Westminster. Funeral Services from Mountain Pleasant Undertaking & Chapel then to Forest Lawn Cemetery. Rev T W Reed officiating.

ARMSTRONG September 13, 1963, Ernest Ivan Armstong 12 E 14th St, North Vancouver, aged 80 years. Survived by Mrs Lilly Hayes, North Vancouver; Mrs Helen Stein and Mrs Fern Easthope , Richmond; 14 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren, 1 brother, Clausen of Surrey; 1 sister Mrs Lily Barharee, New Westminster. Rev H.S. McDonald will conduct the service at the Mount Pleasant Chapel on Monday, September 15th at 1pm


I also have the Registration of Death for both Mary & Ernest, as well as the Certificates of Registration of Marriage for Axel & Lillian, as well as for John Newman & Edith Eklund. PM with your address and I can mail them to you.


29-07-08, 10:26
So then Axel and Lilly divorced or she died, because he then married a Charlene Cominetti, is there anything to find on that?

29-07-08, 16:47
So then Axel and Lilly divorced or she died, because he then married a Charlene Cominetti, is there anything to find on that?

I think these have been answered before.

In the Search tab on top, click search, type in Cominetti and select show posts.

30-07-08, 07:46
yes, it has, but Im not looking for Cominetti, only what happened to Lilly, did they have children, or did he and Charlene have children?and where they live now..

Adam Sherbina
24-09-09, 19:39
thank you very much! now I need to find the children of axel and lilly, so i can tell my grandfather about them! =)

So Axel and Lilly had one daughter, born Louis Gullback in 1932 in North Vancouver. She later changed her name to Erica and married Patrick Rathje around 1952 and had one daughter named Theresa Rathje born in 1952 in North Vancouver. Theresa had two children, Adam Sherbina born 1978 in North Vancouver and Skye Talarczyk born in 1985 in Langley BC. Erica passed away in August 2003 in Armstrong BC. Lilly passed away in the spring of 1998 in Vernon BC.

06-10-09, 12:16
Very nice that you found me here! =)