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01-08-08, 00:17
I’m searching for more information on our great-grandfather Jacob Mikkonen. We know he was born in Paltamo, Finland and died in Esterhazy, Canada. This information was gleaned from immigration, Canadian census, homestead and death records. All the records give his year of birth, 1862, but not the actual date. According to Hiski there were two Jacob Mikkonens born in Paltamo in 1862 so I’m not sure which is our Jacob Mikkonen. Jacob Nikodemus, born 22.8.1862, was the first to move from Paltamo, to Oulu, which leads me to believe he is our ancestor. His daughter, our grandmother was born about 1884. There is no record in Paltamo of Jacob’s marriage to Kaisa Sofia, born 23.2.1858, (family name unknown) or Grandmother Ida’s birth.
According to the Finnish Migration site and the census records Jacob immigrated to Canada in 1902. Our grandmother Ida arrived a few months later followed by Kaisa Sofia and the rest of the children, Emil, Heikki and Aina, in 1903.
In Canada grandmother was know as Ida May but she may have changed her name since May is not really a Finnish name. Perhaps Ida Maria or Emilia Maria could be possible names. In the migration records I found an Emilia Mikkonen whose age would match and she was traveling to Whitewood Saskatchewan, in 1902, the same as Jacob.
Emil and Heikki Mikkonen’s Canadian army records gives their place of birth as Oulu Joki so I guessing that this may be where the family lived at least for some time.
After all that the questions I have are:
• Which is the correct Jacob, our great-grandfather?
• Where was Kaisa Sofia from and when and where did they marry?
• What was Kaisa’s family name?
• Where and when was Ida (Emilia?) Mikkonen born?

Of course I would welcome any additional information on this family as well.

Karen Norwillo
01-08-08, 20:08
To answer question 1. 22.8.1862, Mieslahti no 16, Henrik Mikkonen and Greta Kohonen 29, Jakob Nikodemis. This is in Paltamo parish. Hiski

Karen Norwillo
01-08-08, 23:29
Correction on spelling of Greta's name. Should be Korhonen. There are lots of Korhonen in Sonkajärvi, but the records on Hiski don't start early enough.
Also found Jakob Nikodemis moving out of Paltamo 24.10.1883 to Oulu. So if Ida was born about 1884, might be a good place to look for a marriage.

02-08-08, 02:57
Thank you Karen. I have checked out Hiski and was hoping someone might know more about this family but it doesn't appear so. Since there are no easy answers I will write to Oulu to see what I can find out. Thanks again.