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03-08-08, 17:17
From a slakregister, I have the following information. KArl Magnus Lax's daughter by his second marriage, KArin LAx, is my great, great grandmother. Her name became KArin Carlsdotter or Lockes in America.(on her death certificate) She married Per Erick Soderlund Glans in Sweden. He became Peter Glantz in America.
I am looking for information about Karl LAx. He does not seem to be in records in Borga. I have tons of info on Soderlunds. Soderlund went through a change too, in America: Soderlund to Glans to Glantz. I have found info on children by KArl's 1st wife...but nothing about KArl's grandparents, parents, etc.
Thanks so much for any leads!

Deb Glantz Hanna in America (USA)

Karl Magnus Lax was born 1788, May 12, son of soldier Karl Lax in Borgå, Finland. Karl Magnus came to Forsa in 1807, was a "reg. trumslagare rustmästare" in Långby, Forsa. He married Juliana Olsdotter, born in 1768 in Njurunda, Västernorrlands län in 1815, Sept. 26, died 1847, MArhc 10. They had 4 children:
Olof Carlsson 1815, Nov 1-1907, Dec. 15
Carl Carlsson 1821, July 6 -1899, Jan.26
Kerstin Carlsdotter 1824, Sept. 15- 1825, Sept.13
Johannes Carlsson 1826, Nov. 11

Karl Magnus remarried in 1847 to Karin Johansdotter, born 1817, OCt. 28, in Övernäs, Forsa.

They had twins: Kerstin and Brita, 1847, Dec. 9, Kerstin died 1847, Dec. 21.
Brita married and had children, died in Långby, Forsa. 1906, May 21.

Karin Carlsdotter was born 1849, Sept. 7th. (Karin Lax or Lockes…my great grandmother)