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June Pelo
05-08-08, 21:08
I have a request for help as follows. He didn't include a birthdate, but if he died at age 20 in 1901, he could be born 1881. He cited this e-mail:

I have been to Kortjärvi on my bike, and on my way home I stopped by a friend. He had a book about Ostrobotnian emmigants in Coos Bay. There wore a list of names and I found Oscar Skytte there. There wore some lines about him. He worked in a quarry at Coos River. That advertisment had been in a newspaper i Astoria, Oregon. (There could have been an accident..there?)

Here is his query:
I am trying to find information on one of my grandmothers brothers who died here in America a short time after he came to America. The only information we had was that he died in America on 16 Nov 1901. My grand mother said that he had come to visit her in Iron Belt, Wisconsin when he came to America and that he was going to Duluth, Minnesota to look for work. That was the last time she saw him. The church in Terijarvi had his death date and that was all. While I was in Duluth a couple of years ago at the library I started searching for Oskar Skytte and found him on the Coos River, Oregon census for 1900. I tried finding a listing of him in cemetery records without success. So I have given up on finding his death records that is until I received this email. Maybe there is some hope once again. What I am wondering is if you have some contact in Oregon who might have some way of finding out how he may of died. He was only 20 years old at the time.