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Gunnar Damström
13-11-03, 05:47
Here is my glögg recipe. I'd like to see yours!


You need:

· One bottle Merlot or other low acidic red wine
· 1 cup of vodka
· five sticks of cinnamon
· 20 cloves
· 1” piece of fresh ginger (or two tsp. of crystalline ginger)
· 1 teaspoon crushed cardamom seeds
· 1 teaspoon of orange peel
· 6 tablespoons sugar (to taste)
· Raisins
· Scolded, peeled almonds

Crush the cardamom and the cinnamon sticks. Slice the ginger. Put the spices in a glass jar with a lid. Pour the vodka over the spices. Let stand over night at room temperature.

Pour the spiced vodka through a fine sieve. Boil the wine and let the sugar dissolve. Add ½ cup of the spiced vodka to the hot wine. Place some raisins and almonds in the glasses. Pour over the glögg. Enjoy. Note. This brew sure helps keep the cold outside. However, do not plan to serve a gourmet dinner immediately following. The heavy spices have pretty much anesthetized the taste buds. Call a cab to take the guests home.

13-11-03, 17:22
We heat the wine with spices and raisins in, never to a boil, and let it steep overnight. Take spices out. When ready to serve, heat wine, place sugar cubes in an old sieve, pour vodka over cubes, and light. Keep a large lid handy to extinguish flames, if they don't go out by themselves. Dipping the sieve in the wine can also put out the flames. The flames carmelize the sugar. Yum! Serve warm.
My old Swedish professor claimed you had to use claret. Just yesterday I was informed that claret is the Brits' name for Bourdeaux. Makes it easier to find anyway!
Favorite story:
Our Swedish neighbor's milkman caught a whiff of the glögg being prepared one morning (30 years ago) and asked what was going on. Vesla scooped up a glass measuring cup of the hot brew and handed it to him. He sipped and they talked. When he turned to go he almost fell down the porch stairs. Then she gave the last of the morning coffee so he could finish his route!