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10-08-08, 18:08
Since my first thread, I have found some more information about my paternal side of my family. My Great Grandfather's name was Michael Wilhelm Rosenqvist, born May23,1849. His wife's name was Edla Amanda Isakintytar, born October 10,1854. Both of them were born in Noormarkku. They had nine children together. When Michael Rosenqvist died on Feb. 5 1894, Edla married Frans Tapani Juhonpoika Gronland in Siikainen parish. They moved to Hauhoin 1897, taking five of her children with them. If anyone has any information on any of them, I would appreciate this information. I am at a dead end. I would like to find any relatives, in America, Finland, or anywhere else that would have some more information. I would also like to find any information about the Isakintytar family. My e-mail address is:wwrosenquist*Yahoo.com, or isawilbert*Yahoo.com

Karen Norwillo
11-08-08, 03:16
From Hiski, Norrmark parish:
22.11.1849 Bäckbro farm, Torp:s Isak Isaksson and Lbd:dr Maja Gustafsdotter, Tommila farm.
1.9.1864, Norrmark by, Totp. enkl. Isak Isaksson Bäckbro and Lbd.dr Fredrika Wilhelmina Gustafsdotter Tommila, Norrmark by.
Wonder if they were sisters?

3.11.1850 Norrmark tp. Isak Isaksson Bäckbro and Maja Lovisa Gustafsdotter 23, Maria Sofia
11.2.1853 Johan Fredric
10.10.1854 Edla Amanda, mother 27
15.11.1856 Gustaf Alexander
Didn't find death of Maja Lovisa, but it had to be between 1856-1864.

11-08-08, 13:38
You ca also visit this groups


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Karen Norwillo
11-08-08, 17:02
Here's the Bäckbro family in Norrmark. Looks like Isak's second wife used Mina instead of Fredrika Wilhelmina. I found Gustaf Tommila family also.

Karen Norwillo
11-08-08, 21:19
Here is the Gustaf Tommila family in 1845. It looks like there is a Fredrica and a Maja under the children. It's 4th name from the top.
Do you have the names of the children of Michael and Edla? That would help to see if any of them emigrated. There are lots of Rosenqvist and Tommila on Emigrant Register.