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Stig Fogde
12-08-08, 14:36
I just realized that I have'nt introduced myself properly though I've been a member for a while already:
I'm Stig Fogde, 53, living in Helsinki. I'm married and I have a 21-year-old daughter. Most of my career I've worked as a translator. Presently I'm taking time off to reorient myself vocationally. Meanwhile I'm trying to dig further into my family roots. My prime object right now is to find out what happened to my great grandfather Mathias (Matts) Mattsson Fogde, born April 7, 1865 in Ívermalax. Matts emigrated to the States in 1897 leaving his wife Carolina Klockars and four children behind in Norra Helsingby, Korsholm (Mustasaari). I know that he arrived at Boston on Aug. 30, 1897, and that his destination was Chicago. Around 1900 Matts probably lived somewhere around Calumet, MI, where he was joined by his brothers Johannes and Wilhelm (William). At the time of the 1900 census, there was a Matti (sic) Fogde, occupation trammer, living in Allouez Township, MI. After 1900 my great grandfather just seems to disappear. I have a death certificate from Minnesota on a Matt Fogde who died in Duluth on March 14, 1914. The last known residence of this Matti was Brookston, MN. Back home in Finland, Matts was declared dead on Jan. 1, 1914, when his brother Wilhelm got no replies to his search ads in Finska Amerikanaren in 1913.
I'd like to get to know people who are familiar with Michigan and Minnesota and willing to lend me a helping hand... You can also send a private message.
Greetings from a sunny (for a change) Helsinki!

June Pelo
12-08-08, 22:29
There's a member Wayne Sanman who has some Klockars names from Korsholm - one of them is Carolina, b. 1847. I don't know if he checks Finlander mail and I tried to send him a private message - don't know he read it. Some of his Klockars people took the name Sanman.

Stig Fogde
13-08-08, 00:01
Thanks for trying! My great grandfather's wife Fanny Carolina Klockars remarried some years after her husband was declared dead. Her new husband's name was Sperring and they lived in Vasa.

But it's my great grandfather's fate I'm actually interested in; especially since I first heard that he died in a logging accident relatively soon after arriving in the States... Even though we're talking about events that took place over hundred years ago, I am convinced that Matts must have left some trace somewhere; boarding house, payroll, etc. He might have had his reasons to keep a low profile, though. Thorough knowledge of the history and geography of Upper Michigan and Minnesota would certainly be very helpful in tracing Matts. He might even had changed his name at some point, who knows? Anyway, much speaks for the conclusion that the Matt Fogde who died in Duluth in 1914 was my great grandfather, although the birthdate and birthplace weren't exact matches.


13-08-08, 00:06

June is correct.

My great grandfather Karl Edvard Klockars (who changed his name to Sanman here in the States) had a sister named Carolina Klockars, born June 2, 1847. That is all the information I have about her except for other siblings.

I would be very interested if you had any names/dates for their children, as I'd like to know if I have any other living cousins descended from this couple.

I'd also like to know if you have any other information about this family. I'd be happy to share any of my other information on the Klockars.

I don't know the name Fogde. This is the first time I've heard it.

Wayne Sanman

Stig Fogde
13-08-08, 00:23
Hi, Wayne

The surname Klockars seems to be more common than I thought. My great grandmother's name was Fanny Carolina Klockars and she was born on Oct. 10, 1865, in Vasa. In other words, we're talking about different persons, so unfortunately I don't have the information you're interested in.

In my case, the name Fogde comes from a farm in Ívermalax, where there are good number of Fogdes still today, although the majority of them are not related to me, because the first of my ancestors took the name Fogde in the 1830s when he became a tenant farmer on the Fogde farm.