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12-08-08, 17:54
I'm looking relatives or other persons who might have known Ted Sepp, who lived early 1940' in Mc Carver St. Tacoma, WA. According to very old letters, written around 1940, he was my grandmothers brother. My great grandmother was Vilhelmiina Peltomäki, surname obviously changed, she probably divorced and remarried, if she had a son called Ted Sepp. According to these same old letters she was buried also in Tacoma Washington.
Tried desperate already several years to figure what has happened to Vilhelmiina (born in Finland 1879, can be found at Ellis island records twice, first as Miina Mannisto and second Miina Peltomäki, with her son Wäinö Peltomäki) but without any success. I have been lucky as during these years have found other relatives but unfortunately they do not know what has happened to my Miina. I'm looking forward to hearing if the names sound familiar to somebody and if I finally can find information about her.

Karen Norwillo
12-08-08, 21:37
I found the manifest for Miina Peltomaki on Ancestry. Says she was going to her husband Viktor Peltomaki in NY. Says Wäinö is 4 months old. I found a Minnie Sepp age 31 widow on the 1910 census in NY, says born Finland arrived 1904, the manifest I found under Peltomaki was from 1907. She has two sons, John age 3 born Finland and Theodore age 1 born in NY. She is a boarding house mistress. I found a Theodore A Sepp on the WA Death Index, died 27 Dec 1965 in Tacoma. I'm wondering if John is Wäinö. Could his name have been Wäino Johan or vice-versa? I also found a 1904-1905 arrival for a Viktor Peltomaki who left Dec 1904 and arrived Jan 1905 to NY. He was married and alone. The manifest is in German as he arrived out of Hamburg. It says he's from Russia, but that's not unusual. It looks like he died shortly after Miina got there and she remarried and then was widowed again as Ted was born about 1909.

Karen Norwillo
12-08-08, 23:11
There's alot of conflicting records on Ancestry. One Family Tree entitled Random Finns has a Juho Viktor Peltomäki born 13 Mar 1876 in Siikanen married to Wilhelmina Mannisto born 19 July 1879 in Kankaanpää. But the list of children all have the name Peltonen as do the census images, all in PA. I don't think it's correct. Can't see them changing their name to that. Then the Sepp wouldn't fit if this info was correct.
I looked at that 1903 arrival for Mina Mannisto born abt 1879 ,but it says she's married. That could be an error. Says going to sister Olga Mannisto in NY. There are several arrivals for an Olga Mannisto, but I'm not sure they're all the same person. Some have her married, others not. There's one in 1910 with her sister Hilda and one in 1913 with alot of her siblings, Hilda 27, Olga 26 Aina 21, Edla 19 and Aarne 16 All except Aaarne say there citizens of USA and single. Says father Kuusta (Gustaf) Mannisto in Nikkila, Finland. It looks like she went back and forth and brought her siblings over.
None of these timelines seem to fit. If Wäinö was 4 months in 1907, then Viktor would have had to return to Finland after arriving in 1905.

13-08-08, 08:22
Warmest thanks to you, Karen. Original name for Wäinö was Väinö Johannes Wilhelmiinanpoika (meaning son for Wilhelmiina) so you have found right person, John and Ted. And I believe this is the family I have to look after now. I will hunt the obituary for this Ted Sepp. Do you know how could I find more information (obituary etc,) for this Wäinö and Wilhelmiina?

13-08-08, 08:34
Hi again, and thanks for your help. I have already found all other siblings, Olga etc, and their father was not Kustaa. And also this random finns have wrong information, I checked this Peltonen family and ordered obituaries but it was totally wrong family. Now the right information seems to be this Wäinö and Ted as they fit with churc archives in Finland (Väinö was born 18.2.1907 in Finland) and Ted is really mentioned with address in very old letters which were sent to my grandmother Alma from Usa from her aunts and uncles (meaning Wilhelmiinas sisters and brothers). According to those old letters Miina was buried also in Tacoma, so I have to trace her obituary now. Can you see from the census the surname for John Wäinö?

Karen Norwillo
14-08-08, 15:17
I think this may be your John Waino Sepp in 1930. Still in NY and married.
I also found where you can send for a copy of Theodore A Sepp's obit. Go online, type in Tacoma Public Library-Tacoma Area Obituary Index. You can print an order form and send it with 5.00. It may give some leads to Wilhelmina if she's buried in Tacoma. The death index on Ancestry has Ted's death as 27 Dec 1965, Certificate #98402. The library has it as 5 Jan 1966. Index source number is 06 Jan 1966-32.
If Wäinö was Wilhelminanpoika, he was probably born out-of-wedlock, but then where does Peltomäki fit?

Karen Norwillo
14-08-08, 16:23
Just on a chance, I searched the "Death Certificates of Finns in Pierce County, WA" and found Wilhelmina.
Helin, Minnie, born July 19,1879 in Finland. Died April 30, 1924 in Tacoma, WA. Wife of Gust Helin. Father, Andrew Mannisto, b. Finland, mother, Annestina Viinamaki, b. Finland. Cause: Cancer of rectum. Burial May 2, 1924 Tacoma Cemetery.

14-08-08, 18:30
Thank you ! I do not know what to say, I have tears falling down, everything fits. This is my Wilhelmiina. Thank you.

Karen Norwillo
14-08-08, 22:16
Gust Helin, born 23 April 1875 Finland, worked for the Norwest Fishing Company from Seattle, wife Mina, died 31 Oct 1948 in Tacoma, age 73. Certificate #19310, WA Death Index.
They also had an unnamed daughter died 23 Jan 1914 in Tacoma, father Guss Helin, mother Minnie Manista (sp)
Tacoma Library also has the obits for Gus and Minnie Helin. Copies 5.00 each.
Helin, Gus indexing source 01 Nov 1948 8
Helin, Minnie 30 Apr 1924 p2
These must be the dates for recording their index.
Glad to be of help. Karen

Karen Norwillo
14-08-08, 22:20
I also found Gust Helin's WWI Draft Registration. It looks like he and Minnie must have married between 1910-1913 as the baby died in Jan 1914. They were in Tacoma in 1917 at the time of the registration.

Karen Norwillo
15-08-08, 02:00
Looking further, I don't believe the John Sepp I found in 1930 is Waino. This one was born in 1901 and there are other documents that don't seem to fit. This one's emigration was much later than Waino's in 1907. Your Waino would have probably gone to Tacoma with his mother. Karen