View Full Version : Fogde in Ontonagon County, MI

Stig Fogde
17-08-08, 21:45
While surfing and googling tonight, (Fogde + Michigan) I stumbled across the Ontonagon County Naturalization Index:
http://www.michigan.gov/documents/hal_mhc_sa_Ontanogon_Aahaekarpi_Anton_Nicoloi_Step han_98632_7.pdf

There I found a Matts Fogde, but the only other information were the codes V4, P42 under the heading "First Paper". Does anyone know what that might mean?

Before ordering the original record I'd like to know how likely it is that the person in the Naturalization Index was my great grandfather Matts (Mathias) Mattsson Fogde, born April 7, 1865, in Malax. Matts arrived to the States via Boston in 1896.


Karen Norwillo
18-08-08, 15:13
V=volume, p=page. Just means what book and page the information is on. If you send for a copy, be sure to include this information. Makes it easy for them to locate. Karen

Stig Fogde
18-08-08, 15:58
Thanks, stupid of me. Should have realized that myself.