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19-08-08, 22:08
I'm searching for one William (M?) Nelson, ostensibly born in Sweden. Much information is based on the family's memories/birth certificates of his children. According to the family, William M. Nelson was born roughly 1860 in Sweden (See swedesintexas.com), and emigrated roughly 1869 when 9 years old. I have searched Emibas, and Swedish Emigrant Populär datases without finding the correct William. He married in Texas, and we believe he died around El Campo, Wharton county, Texas, July 20, 1899. There are no records for him at this point. His two sons were also born in Texas, Hubert and Urean. (We assume Urean is originally Göran. He changed his name to Clarence. We've searched Ancestry.com pretty thoroughly. Any help would be so much appreciated.

William Dahlin
21-08-08, 00:56
William M. Nelson birth 1860 Sweden, died 20 July 1899 El Campo,Wharton, Texas, married 14 Sep 1894

Marietta (May A, May E, Mary) Byers birth 13 Sep 1876 Texas

children: Hubert Nelson birth 21 Apr 1896 Texas died 18 Aug 1964 Kerrville, Kerr, Texas buried 21 Aug 1964 Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery, San
Antonio, Bexar Texas

Clarence Urean Nelso n birth 02 Jun 1895 Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas died 26 Oct 1972 VA Hospital, Houston, Harris, Texas
buried 28 Oct 1972 Forest Park Westheimer Cemetery Sect 401 Lot 6t5 Soace 9 in Houston Harris Texas

Spouse Frankie Schedler

Family Group Sheet Swedes in Texas.

Hope this will be of some help.

Wm Dahlin

William Dahlin
21-08-08, 01:27
Clarence Nelson married Frankie Schedler boorn 18 Dec 1896 Texas died
2 Feb 1993 Temple, Bell Texas.

Children: Dorothy Marie Nelson married Walter B. January Jr. b. 03 May 1915
Center, Shelby, Texas died 2 Mar 2006 Georgetown Williamson, Texas

Children: Sue Ann January
Lawrene Nelson Baker January
Walter B. January born 15 Aug 1953 Houston, Harris Texas died
19 Oct 2000 Austin Texas

Found information on Swedes In Texas

Hope this will give you enough information

Wm Dahlin

21-08-08, 03:00
I'm sorry I didn't mention that the person placing this query also placed his information on Swedes in Texas website. But we thank you for your search! Here's hoping we get the missing information: William (M?) Nelson's real name, port of entry, birth parish, definite birth date, parents' names. Any of those would help us get further towards Sweden.
Thanks again.

Roger L Henry
21-08-08, 20:36
William M Nelson is my aunt's grandfather from Sweden. I am the person who posted her genealogy on www.swedesintexas.com website so all information (except the erroneous 1894 marriage date) there is as accurate as we know thus far. We're looking for when he came over, which port, which county he may have been naturalized in in Texas (they're the ones who gave out naturalization records in the 19th century when he lived), where he is buried, etc.. I've been looking for quite awhile but Syrene and I have not been able to find an immigration record as yet. We don't know who his family was in Sweden either or which parish they belonged to either. He may have come over with his family or family members, but that we don't know either. If you have any new information or suggestions for finding him, please let me know.
He was supposedly an Artic explorer too back then but haven't found him listed as yet in any information, so recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,


June Pelo
21-08-08, 20:46
Finlander member Ingemar Ekman lives in Sweden and has helped with many searches there. But without more definite info. such as birthdate and place, I don't know if he can find anything. With a name of William Nelson, his father's name could have been Nels or Nils and Nelson would be his patronymic. This is one website that he uses: www.genline.se and I know he has other sources.

Ingemar Ekman
22-08-08, 16:54
Hi Syrene,
I looked in the Emibas with some different spellings and +- 1year of birth and emigration year for Wilhelm M. and got this hit:

Post 526612
Nilsson Sandqvist, Magnus Wilhelm
Son (ogift man)
f. 19/11 1861 i Köpenhamn amt, Danmark
Utvandrad 13/4 1869
från 162, Ystads Sankta Maria, Malmöhus län (Skåne)
till Amerika
Källa: Husförhörslängd, s. 292
Emibas emigrationsakt: Ystads Sankta Maria M 1869 011
Utrikes födelseort: Köpenhamn
Födelseland: Danmark

If I search for only Wilhelm with different spelling I get around 10 hits but the middle name (M) does not correspond:
For instance:
Post 201598
Johansson Nilsson, Anders Vilhelm
Ogift man
f. 10/12 1860 i Fröderyd, Jönköpings län (Småland)
Utvandrad 6/9 1869
från Hjeltaryd Rangelg, Myresjö, Jönköpings län (Småland)
till Nordamerika
Källa: Husförhörslängd, s. 144
Emibas emigrationsakt: Myresjö F 1869 027

Best regards,

Roger L Henry
01-09-08, 21:28
Dear Ingemar,

Thank you very much for your post to our inquiry about William M Nelson from Sweden. I've just forwarded your message to Syrene again along with a couple of possibilities that she is going to examine to see if any of these are my aunt's grandfather from Sweden. (Syrene is helping me with the Swedish translations for the immigration records when they're in Swedish or other Scandinavian languages). I've forwarded your message over to Syrene a few moments ago and she'll look over the two possible records that she is hoping may be the family's immigration record to America, and if it isn't the family at all, then she's going to look over your message and see what she finds from what you've found over there. Thank you very much for your assistance with my aunt's lineage search, it's really important to her so the sooner I can find it for her, the more she will rest and I can (hopefully) post what we find on the website on William M Nelson on the www.swedesintexas.com site and send her and my cousin the record for their ancestry when I can obtain it. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do, though I've probably got the most information right now of all of them having been working on this for over a year trying to track him down in Texas from the 1890s.

With Many Thanks for Your Help, Ingemar,
Roger L Henry

Ingemar Ekman
03-09-08, 18:39
Hi Roger,
Thank you for your reply. I noticed also several Finlanders in the website you sent. It is like a "needle in a haystack" to find correct William M Nelson". The person that was born 19 Nov 1861 moved with his parents (need to be confirmed in the birth records) and sister b 1858

Post 526610
Sandqvist, Nils
Skräddare (gift man) (Taylor married man)
b 22/8 1829 in Kverrestad, Kristianstads län (Skåne)
Utvandrad 13/4 1869 (emigrated)
från 162, Ystads Sankta Maria, Malmöhus län (Skåne) till Amerika
Källa: Husförhörslängd, s. 292 (source)
Emibas emigrationsakt: Ystads Sankta Maria M 1869 009

Post 526611
Müller Sandqvist, Dorothea Louise H J
Hustru (gift kvinna) (wife married woman)
b. 13/2 1826 i Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Tyskland (Germany)
Utvandrad 13/4 1869

and sister?
Post 526613
Nilsdotter Sandqvist, Hulda Botilda Elin
Dotter (ogift kvinna) (daughter unmarried)
b 14/11 1858 i Malmö, Malmöhus län (Skåne)
Utvandrad 13/4 1869

Same family moved also to Denmark from Malmö 1864

Post 497825
Persson Sandqvist, Nils
Skräddaregesäll (gift man)
b 22/8 1829 i Kverrestad, Kristianstads län (Skåne)
Utvandrad 12/6 1864
från 559, Malmö Sankt Petri, Malmöhus län (Skåne)
till Köbenhavn amt, Danmark
Källa: Husförhörslängd, s. 122
Emibas emigrationsakt: Malmö Sankt Petri M 1864 050
including the wife and both children.

I checked the scanned household examination roll page 122, see enclose picture (copy from www.genline.se, GID 1313.424.2900 and there it seems that the family moved in to Malmö from Denmark 1863 (The father and sister were born in Sweden) It should be good to get the full birth date for William M from the records in Texas.

Best Regards,
PS: The file was in "invalid format" to be uploaded

Roger L Henry
04-09-08, 09:26
Hi Ingemar,

There's almost nothing in terms of documentation (so far) for William M Nelson, which is why I'm trying to find his immigration record to whatever port he & his family (if he was only nine years old when he came over to the states here).
I've found his marriage, his two children's birth certificates, but that is all. I don't know how he came to America, except for my aunt & cousin's oral tradition for him from what they grew up being told, etc.. If there is a farm name or some such attached to his name, well that would help to know too, but all of that is just trying to see if any of the 1869 immigrations work out or don't and then widen the parameters of the search for other years from there I guess.

I spoke to the immigration people in Stockholm and they sent me an email last summer of to say that they had looked through six or seven districts (which were alphabetized) but hadn't found him in them and they weren't willing to look through the other districts which aren't alphabetized I was told, as it would be too much work. I'm a little surprised that that hasn't been done as yet (alphabetizing the records to simplify their searches for records) but don't know what needs to be done to make their lives more organized.

In any case, so far there's no word from the state of Texas as to his birthdate or family names for me to simplify my searching for my aunt's grandfather, except by taking what little we know and trying to find documents from there if it exists. For example, if he came into Texas and was naturalized there, then it's a matter to call any county that may have issued the record in, but not know where he lived except for a few counties, it's quite the search through all the clerk's offices in Texas (which is quite large). I don't mind doing it, but it's like he just appears and then disappears again in just three years. I've looked for him in a few books but he's not showing up there for Swedes in any of the books that have been published (in English so far) on immigrants who came to live & work in Texas there, so I keep looking but haven't found him yet.

Anyway, this is why I'm so vague at this point about my aunt's lineage trying to help her discover this for her family. Time will tell, and I'll keep on looking for him but am not sure in what ways I need to search for him at this point until Syrene can assist me to see if any of the records we've pulled up so far may be him or not. I hope that we can narrow down some of the possibilities soon and see if they pan out or not. It has been a bit of work trying to hunt him down thus far, and only a few documents exist for him at this point.

Thank you again, Ingemar, for your help with all of this. I so appreciate the help!

Best Wishes,