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13-11-03, 18:46
Hej Göran Berglund,
Thanks for your updated materials in Talko. I checked for the gentleman we called "Uncle" Hugo, born in Malax. He was actually a cousin to my father. (His family gave me his mother's spinning wheel to take home in 1947, and it has pride of place in my home now.) Uncle Hugo spent every Christmas in my memory, eating lutfisk with relish! He would bring every Swedish Finn bachelor at loose ends with him, and mother would could pans of the smelly stuff.
Hugo emigrated to the US most probably on the inspiration of my father's father Hugo Staf. Farfar came three times at the turn of the 20th century, and eventually went home to buy the family farm. Hugo stayed, and remained a bachelor who loved dancing - always had a "lady friend". I don't know what he did when he first arrived, but he moved to Bakersfield, CA, early on and worked in the oil fields there. Started investing in Standard Oil stock. Over the years he diversified, including bank stocks. Moved up to Seattle sometime in the 40's and opened his own barber shop downtown. Kept on investing. Was worth a lot for many years. Visited Malax at least three times, once bringing a Mercedes home to the US. In his last years, he didn't recognize much outside of my mother, not his relative, but the one who brought him Swedish coffeebread. And the bottom fell out of the bank business, dragging that portion of his portfolio down with it. He has been dead for years now, but I remember still the prodigious amount of lutfisk he could put away!