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K-G Molander
25-08-08, 10:43
I have Erik Johansson birth date as 31 Oct 1723 Kronoby. Married to Anna Larsdotter, born abt 1722 Kronoby.

According to Börje Vestö's data; the father of Erik is Johan Simonsson Sandbacka, born 21 May 1696.

Searching in Kronoby communion books I find Johan Simonsson at Sandbacka and several of his children also on Sandbacka farm. But, nowere do I find Erik Johansson.

However, I have found Erik Johansson in "Kronoby Parish Communion Books 1760 - 1765 "Husfolket i Påras By". But, not earlier. He is said to be from/born on Åsbacka.

See also:
1766 - 1771 "Husfolket i Påras By".
1772 - 1777 page 127
1778 - 1783 page 127
1784 - 1790 page 123
1791 - 1797 page 109
1798 - 1802 page 179

But, I have not found Erik Johansson and Johan Simonsson listed together, indicating that Johan is the father of Erik.

But, If Johan Simonsson is the Father, what is the sourse?

June Pelo
26-08-08, 03:04

I have some of this family in my database, but I don't have an Erik, b. 1723. I checked Talko for Johan Simonsson, and many members have data on this family, but Börje is the only one who shows a son Erik, b. 1723. He doesn't cite any source. It's possible that Erik isn't a member of that family - I think his wife's name was Åsbacka, and he took that name. Johan Simonsson had a son who took the name Kivijärvi and another son took the name Tranubäck. HisKi data doesn't include 1723, so there's no way to look for Erik there. I guess the only way to know for sure, is to have someone check the Kronoby church book to see if Erik is listed there.

June Pelo
26-08-08, 03:17

I should have mentioned that even though HisKi doesn't have birth records for Kronoby for 1723, they have death records. There is a death record for an Erik Johansson from Sandbacka who died 15 Feb 1767, at age 43.

K-G Molander
26-08-08, 09:15
Many Thanks.

I have search Kronoby communion books 1732-1738; 1739-1743 and so on. But, he is not found on Sandbacka farm in Påras willage.

If he is the son of Johan Simonsson and Anna Christophersdotter; he should have been found in above period.

The two first children is not found in the birth records. The 3rd child is born on "Björk" farm and and the 4th (born 29 Jul 1758) on Sandbacka and so are the rest of his children.

I begin to belive that the parents of Erik Johansson is unknow (for now).

When I go to Salt Lake City - two weeks from now - I will see if I can find him in probate records.

K-G Molander
26-08-08, 09:23
I forgot to say that it is not untill Kby. Com. book 1772-1777 page 127 he is found on Sandbacka.
But, he most likely lived there, because children is recorded as born on Sandbacka farm as early as 29 Jun 1758.

June Pelo
28-08-08, 01:13

I contacted someone in Finland about Erik Johansson, and he said he did not see Eric as a son of Johan Simonsson Sandbacka. He sent me this information:

1. Johan Simonsson Sandbacka, f. 21-05-1696 i Kronoby, (son till Simon Simonsson Sandbacka och Gertrud Davidsdr Merijärvi). Han gift Anna Christoffersdr Merijärvi, f. 14-11-1692, (dotter till Christoffer Johansson Merijärvi och Brita g. Merijärvi) d. 22-05-1768. Johan dog 12-10-1759.
2. i Johan Johansson Sandbacka f. __-06-1717.
3. ii Christopher J:hsson Tranubäck-Sandbacka f. __-01-1718.
4. iii Jakob Johansson Harabacka-Sandbacka f. 26-01-1722.
5. iv Simon Johansson Sandbacka f. 23-04-1725.
6. v Anna Johansdr Holgers Sandbacka f. 29-05-1729.
7. vi Brita Johansdr Byskata Sandbacka f. 27-07-1732.