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27-08-08, 02:34
Does anyone have any information on Huggar's Farm 1500-1907?

Jonas Jonasson Huggar born 1821 owned Huggar, Nystögos, the farm was sold to Gustar Bâtmästar his grandson August Sandrik may have inhareted the farm. He lived in Östergränden. The Farm was sold around 1867 or 1868.

It may have been close to Korsholm's Church or Solf's Church, Vasa, or Sundom.

I am looking for the location of the farm, history of the town or towns around the farm and history of the farm dwellers.

27-08-08, 07:46
A search in HisKi shows that there are Huggars Farms in Sund village in Korsholm (near Vasa), in Kronoby (near Gamlakarleby), in Mickelpiltom village in Pernå (near Borgå), in Yttersundom village in Solf (near Vasa) and in Lotlax Village in Vörå (between Vasa and Nykarleby).

It seems that more extensive research is needed to determine which Huggars is "yours".


27-08-08, 18:05
Just a short note to make clear that in this case it is the question of Huggar in Sundom - a former village which is today a district of Vasa, 1858-1973 a village in Solf and before that a village in Korsholm.
Östergränden is the eastern part of the village, in fact I live right on the dividing-line between Västergränden and Östergränden, not far from the Huggar farm.
The Huggar name was mentioned as early as 1558 in Sundom, and Huggar has been the "hemman" No. 10 in Yttersundom. (Sundom is divided into two parts: Övre Sundom and Yttre Sundom).
Ulla Höglund

29-08-08, 09:49
If you want to study the location of Huggar and Östergränden in Sundom, there is a rough map of the place at www.sundom.fi - In English - Village - Maps. The letters -ND- in the word YTTERSUNDOM are right over the Huggar hemman.
The "Nystögos" part of Huggar was sold to the Båtmästar family about 1867-68, years that were called nödår (famine years) here.
The bridge from Sundom to Vasa was built in 1976.

K-G Molander
29-08-08, 15:14
Use the link below and do a search on place name.


30-08-08, 23:57
Thank you all, I have looked at the maps and they are very helpful. All of the places that are mentioned in our family history are in that area. Yttersundom, Östergränd, Sund, Solf, and so on. Now I have an idea of where the family lived in Finland.

Ulla, do you know if the house you discribed as August Sandvik's home is also the house Jonas Johasson Huggar lived in?

My relative is Jonas Johasson Huggar he was married to Maria Mattsdotter Mickila or Sund born 1820 in Socklot in Nykarleby. died in 1874 in Sundom. The children were Jonas, Brita, Isak, August, and Herman. Brita born 1847 is my husband's great grandmother. Brita född1847 död 1935, she married Herman Pettersson Uppgård born 1844 Solf död 1911.

Yes, Jonas sold the farm during the drought and famine in 1867-1868.

I am interested in finding pictures of the farm and houses or people around 1900 or earlier. Does anyone have early photographs of Huggar farm?

Gene Banks
12-07-15, 17:18
Hi Wanda,
I am hoping this reaches you. My great grandfather Isak was your husband's great grandmother Brita's brother. I am going to Finland to learn more about my grandmother Wendla Huggar (1883-1972) who lived in Redding, CT. Have you learned more about where their family lived near Sundom, and if we have any relatives there?
Many Thanks,

June Pelo
13-07-15, 21:37

I don't know if Wanda will see your message.. she hasn't been active on the Forum since 2008.. and it doesn't look like she checks for messages. Perhaps Hasse, the administrator, has an e-mail address and can contact her so she can read your message.

Gene Banks
14-07-15, 04:05
Hi June,

Thank you for your reply, and please let me know how to contact Hasse.


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When you registered you may have received mail with his address.. but here is his page on Finlander Forum: http://finlander.genealogia.fi/member.php?2-Hasse

June Pelo
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Gene, check your private messages..

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I have sent an email to Wanda with a note that she has a follow-up question.

Hopefully she still monitors the email in question.


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16-07-15, 14:42
She has cancelled her membership in Ancestry.

Gene Banks
17-07-15, 14:58
Thanks so much Hasse!

18-07-15, 10:37
Thanks so much Hasse!

Wanda replies:

Hi Gene, In 2008 Ulla (no last name) posted a map with the following information. It is hard to understand but she said the farm ws located on the map under two letters of the town name Uttersundom. See if you can get this link to come up or copy and past it into your search bar.

However, the sundom.fi website has been changed since 2008 and the link does not work anymore. I'll try to find a replacement.