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27-08-08, 21:57
My family research was only able to take me back to my great-great grandmother, Selma Johanna Aleksanterintytär Karvonen, and a little about her mother. Then, I recently came across an on-line family tree that included these 2 relatives, and also goes back many more generations. When I contacted the person who posted the tree, they advised the information came from the "NELIMARKKA sukua", published by the Nelimarkka Family Society. This person was nice enough to send me a few scanned pages, but I would like to obtain a copy of the book myself. Does anyone know how I can obtain a copy of the book? I have looked at the Nelimarkka Family website, but most of it is not in English. Please email me at mhkt40*aol.com. Any help is most appreciated.

28-08-08, 06:12

Check this out. It says it is 50 Euros


If you enter this into google Nelimarkka sukuseura ry

You will have an option to "translate this page" before you click on the page.

Try it and see.

28-08-08, 20:35

I will try that. Thank you very much!


Karen K
01-09-08, 21:01
Hi Karen,
I think we may be related. My Great Grandmother was Maria Nelimarkka. She married Jaako Palo, Apparently the Palo [or Palokangas] name was previously Karvonen. Very confusing..... with all the name changes. After MANY YEARS I'm finally STARTING to sort some of it out !!! Would be happy to help if I can.
Karen K

16-09-08, 00:06
Hi, Karen

Appreciate your note. Glad to know it wasn't just me that has struggled for a long time to try to sort this family out! Been very busy so haven't had time to do much more the last few weeks. Once I am able to devote some more time again (probably next month), I will certainly give you a shout with the next "brick wall" I come up against:). Thanks again!

Karen H