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31-08-08, 12:31

I am wondering and hoping that someone may have a date of death for my great grandmother Maria Sofia Ruuhikorpi.
None of my second cousins know :(( and I can't seem to find it anywhere, it's not in the Uusi Sukukirja for my family either....so does that mean I won't be able to find it? Unless I can find her grave maybe?

Many thanks from a rainy London, as usual, summer didnt even make it to us this year! :(


oh yes, I forgot :o
her other details are :

she was born 9 July 1857 Merikarvia
Moved to Pori in 1880
married my grandfather 21.10.1881
Had my great uncles and aunts, loads of them :)) from 1882-1902, busy lady!
My great grandfather died in 1923. I know she was still alive in 1928 because I have a photo of her taken in that year. After that I dont know.

01-11-08, 17:50
Hi all,

I am writing again in this post because I still haven't been able to find a date of death for my great grandmother Maria Sofia Ruuhikorpi.

I have found out that she is in the Rogel family. Would anyone who has access to this massive family be able to look for a death date for her please?
Huge thanks,


02-11-08, 09:13
Is Ruuhikorpi her name as married? I found this in hiski:
Merikarvia - Sastmola - christened
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

9.7.1857 12.7.1857 Alak. Tp. Erik Kallio Maria Jaakontytär 29 Maria Sofia
original - KKSIVU: 563
Hiski death records for Pori ends in 1900
Christina Nordback

02-11-08, 11:17
Hi again Christina,

Ruuhikorpi is her name before marriage. I'm not sure if it is the name of a farm?
When she married my great grandfather she became Brander. If they are buried in Pori then I am sure it will be easy to find her grave because the Brander family have a plot in a cemetary. So far I have not been able to find which cemetary. I would love to see a photo of their grave. I would love to go to Pori but at the moment things are very difficult here in England. I hope one day.

Many thanks