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K-G Molander
14-11-03, 04:11
Vetil Parish marriage records shows that:
On 26.12.1717 Johan Jacobson from Skrubbackan in Cronoby, married P(igan) Caren Andersd:r Kaustinen.

Is there any who have additional information about above marriage?

I believe this Johan Jacobsson is the one born 1675 and also found in Cronoby parish records as married in 1696 to Anna Erichsdotter Holgers, born Oct 1668.

14-11-03, 08:48
According to secondary information in among other Börje Vestö's Cronoby database Johan Jacobsson married Anne Eriksdr. (b. 1668) in 1696 in Kronoby. The birth of the first child is in the next year. According to the same source Bpt Cronoby Ting 6/4 1742. (Db på Storskrubb 73 år 4 m ). she died quite late and she seems to outlive her husband???

There are many questions which has puzzled me here before. Did Johan really leave for Vetil as, among others, Vestö has stated in the Cronoby base? If he did - why did "two of his sons, 15 and 18 years old" get captured by the russians from Skrubbacka and taken away? Did this brave farmer run to Vetil and leave his family when the russians came? What a Braveheart! Sounds strange... Or did his family move to Vetil and after the Wrath when most of the family was killed move back to the family's empty homestead?

Are there possibly two different families?

Uppehöll sig under Stora Ofreden i Vetil och han synes vara sen enda manliga medlemmen av den gamla släkten som återvände till Skrubbacka.År 1714 inalles 4 halvvuxna pojkar bortförda från Skrubbacka av ryssarna , bl,a. Johan Jacobsson två söner.År 1731 antecknats Gammal och sjuklig.Bouppteckning 12 okt.1738.Fördelning 14 okt 1741.


14-11-03, 20:40
Hey Hasse!
Looking at a photo copy of the Kronoby Kommunionböcker 1732-1738 Stor Skrubb shows the following:
Joh. Jacobsson- Mort. No kommunion after July 1737.
Hustru, Anna Ericksdr. Alive after 1738.
Son Joh. Johansson. Alive after 1738.
Good luck Don