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03-09-08, 16:57
I am looking for my contemporary relatives who might be decendents of Johannes Johansseon Kivijarvi. Johannesson came from Kivijarvi to NY in 2904 at the age of 16 where he married my grandmother, Hilda Fallbacka Holm, daugther of Fallbacka Ant. I will be in the Kronoby area Sept 17-20 and would like to meet anyone who is related to me. My email is betsyjbell*comcast.net. thank you, Betsy Johnson Bell, Seattle. b. 1937

June Pelo
03-09-08, 17:54

I don't know when your Johannes was born, but I have the following:

Johannes Johansson Kivijärvi, b. 16 Jul 1846, Kronoby, d. 21 Feb. 1900, Kronoby, married 17 Jun 1876 to Anna Brita Mattsdotter Byskata-Döragrip, b. 4 Dec 1841, Norrby, Pedersöre, d. 12 Nov 1918. He was first married to Brita Simonsdotter Merijärvi. Johannes and Anna Brita had 3 children, but I see no evidence that Johannes ever left Finland. Looks like their children and grandchildren were born in Kronoby.

04-09-08, 01:12
Hi, June, In fact the youngest son of Johannes Johansson Kivijarvi and 2nd wife Anna Brita Mattsdr. Blyskata-Doragrip was Alfred Anders Johannesson(1887-1957). He immigrated at age 16 to NY, married Hilda fallbacka. their oldest children is my mother, Eleanor Alfreda Johnson. I am actually visiting one of his relatives in Kronoby, eleanor Gripenberg, although I don't know how she's related. I don't have a Person Sheet on her and will fill one out when we are together. I was just hoping for some younger members of the extended family on my grandfather's side as I have found some on my grandmother's side. I appreciate your help. Betsy