View Full Version : The First Gentleman of Alaska, Todd Palin

03-09-08, 21:34
His parents are Jim Palin and Blanche Kallstrom/Kellstrom etc.

Blanche has eskimo father and her name sounds quite Swedish or so.

Any information about Blanche's ancestors??


June Pelo
04-09-08, 00:10
There were many Källström families in Karleby, but I don't find Blanche. When was she born? My moster was married to Adolf Karlsson Källström, b. 1878 in Karleby.

04-09-08, 01:14
probably Swedish, not Finnish.

04-09-08, 10:03
So far I have learned that Todd Palin's mother side came partially from Norway.

Todd's fatherside is from England and I read that they some Viking heritage they are very proud of.....

Has anyone further information?

I am asking because I researching some Finnish Palin -families


June Pelo
04-09-08, 16:24
His mother is one-quarter Yup'ik and also of Swedish descent, and his maternal grandmother, Lena Andre, is a member of the Curyung tribe.

His mother appeared on TV last night and she looks like a typical Swedish woman - blondish hair and blue eyes.