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04-09-08, 19:07

This is my first.

My name is Christopher Wyer from Bexhill-on-Sea, United Kingdom. My mother was originally from Sweden but went to the UK to study and eventually settled down in south of England.

Her aunt Selma Johanna Haglund was born on 29 February 1884 in Hörby, Malmöhus Län, Skåne, Sweden. Her father was Hans Mårtensson, born in 1853, Lilla Slågarp, Sweden.

My mother told me that Selma married a clipper-owner which was moored in Åland Islands in the Maruehamn area (however, she was not 100% sure of the area).

I understand that Åland Islands is Finnish hence my message to the Finnish message board – if I am incorrect I apologise. Any guidance to the right place would be kindly appreciated.

I am trying to trace Selma but the above information is all I have and I can only assume that she married the clipper owner who was Finnish. I could be totally wrong!

I hope someone can help J

Thank you for your assistance.



04-09-08, 20:23
Hi Christopher!

Welcome to the Finlander forum! I was feeling a little lonely at times as I though I was the only one from England posting so it was lovely to see your message. I'm Ayla from South London.
Everyone here is just wonderful and so very knowledgeable, someone will be along soon to help you on your way. They have helped me tremendously in searching for my Finnish mum's 'missing' relatives in Finland the USA.
It is an exciting roller coaster ride of emotions so hold on tight and enjoy!
Good Luck!


June Pelo
04-09-08, 22:14
Christopher, Welcome to Finlander.

Our member Ingemar Ekman is from Åland and will probably be able to help you after he reads your mail.

04-09-08, 23:00

Many thanks indeed - much appreciated.

Kind regards


04-09-08, 23:02
Hi Alya

Thanks for the welcome! Selma is proving very difficult and I am very determined to "find" her!



05-09-08, 12:06
Don't give up, determined is the way to go! Anything is possible! I had real trouble for years trying to find my mum's cousin in America, ohhh all of the dead ends and wrong leads etc, time was running out and I thought I would never find her as she was born in 1913. I really had been looking for her for about 20 years. I was beginning to think that I wouldn't find her or then not find her alive and the best I could hope for would be to find her family. Then it was only after joining here back in December that I had the help, the proper help, and found her alive and well in Florida about to celebrate her 95th birthday! With family too. That was some moment I can tell you! A dream come true. Of course the story is much longer than that ;) and I won't go into that now but it was so poignant and vital that I find her. Amazing stuff!

Sooo, will find her no probs and who knows what else you will discover on your journey!

Ingemar Ekman
05-09-08, 19:49
Hi Christopher,
I tried to find Selma Johanna in different books about families in Åland but no success.
Extract rom the CD Swedish population 1890:
The family lived in Hörby #24
Mårtensson Haglund, Hans 1853 Far
Andersdtr, Johanna 1853 Mor
(Barn), August Edvard 1879 Barn
(Barn), Selma Johanna 1884 Barn
(Barn), Hilding Martin 1886 Barn
(Barn), Thure Gustaf 1888 Barn
(Barn), Anna Maria 1890 Barn

Extract from the CD Swedish population 1900:
They lived still in Hörby #24 and 2 more children were born
Mårtensson Haglund, Hans b 11/2 1853 Far
Antonsson, Johanna b 6/8 1853 Mor
(Barn), August Edvard b 16/8 1879 Barn
(Barn), Selma b 29/2 1884 Barn
(Barn), Hilding Martin b 2/4 1886 Barn
(Barn), Thure Gustaf b 27/4 1888 Barn
(Barn), Anna Maria b 30/4 1890 Barn
(Barn), Gerda Gustafva b 10/6 1892 Barn
(Barn), Ernst Waldemar b 14/10 1896 Barn

In the communionbook for Hörby 1891-1906 is the whole family listed (ref to Genline GID 1271.4.35500)

In the database DISBYT (www.dis.se) I found an genealogist in Eskilstuna and she has all the children in her family file ( including Selma Johanna). I plan to call her, She has no email address recorded.

On the CD of death records:
Ernst Waldemar died 30/10 1985 as widower, Gerda Gustafva died 11/3 1984 as unmarried and Thure Gustaf died 28/9 1955 as widower

Best Regards

05-09-08, 22:09
Hello Ingemar - a very big thanks for finding the time and trouble to look up for me. Ernst Waldemar was my mother's father and it was nice to see his name on it! My mother regrets having very little information about Selma but she knows that Selma was married and unfortunately died fairly young from an illness.

Have a good weekend.

Kind regards


Ingemar Ekman
06-09-08, 17:37
Hello Christopher,
I talked to the genealogist Anna Sofia; Her children´s great grandfather was Thure Gustaf , a younger brother to Selma Johanna.
Anna Sofia confirmed that Selma Johanna was married to an Ålander but she did not knew his name. Anna Sofia will call a daughter (90 years old) to Thure Gustav and Anna Sofia will come back to me.
Best regards,

06-09-08, 22:22
Dear Ingemar

I just cannot believe my luck with such wealth of information in the last couple of days. I do have information on Thure Gustaf, my granduncle. It is exciting to know that we are on the right track on Selma and I am terribly grateful for your enormous assistance. It would be so nice to make contact with them all and exchange photos, etc, etc.

Once again I am entirely grateful to you and your fellow genealogist for the wonderful discovery!

Kind regards


Ingemar Ekman
07-09-08, 16:31
Anna Sofia ( Ann-Sofie) has sent me this email that I translated to English:

"I have now talked to my children´s grandmother (father's mother) She does not remember Selma´s marriage name, but the husband´s first name was John and they lived in an own house in Mariehamn and he was a sea captain or something simliar. According to another relative they are buried in Åland, Please give me my email address to Christopher. I have photos of Selma her siblings and parents."

I will send you as private email Ann-Sofies email address and I will check the book I have about "Sea captains in Åland"

Talk more soon,

07-09-08, 21:50
Dear Ingemar

What can I say - all I can say is FANTASTIC, AWESOME and more importantly THANK YOU!

It is certainly a wonderful feeling and I am looking forward to making contact with Ann-Sofie by email this evening. My mother is away at the moment and she is not aware of the speedy progress we are making. It was only last week when she looked at my family tree chart and told me that Selma was married and would be interested to find out more about her and as well as making contact with her relatives if possible.

I appreciate your kindness and thank you once again.

Kind regards


08-09-08, 12:45
There you go Christopher!
Told you everyone was fab here.
Roller coaster ride! Fast too!
Really happy for you.


08-09-08, 16:15
Hi Ayla

You are absolutely right - I have never doubted the forum but I never expected this kind of response in a matter of days! I salute the fab forum!

Have a good day.



Ingemar Ekman
10-09-08, 19:24
Hi Christopher,
I contacted yesterday evening the Provincial Archives of Åland and today I got the good news from Karin Mansén at the archive. She started to look at the church records in Mariehamn but did not find Selma first, but then she found her in Håkan Skogsjö´s book "Families and farms in Saltvik"
Selma Johanna Haglund married 5 Jan 1924 to Skipper Johan Gunnar Karlsson b 15 Dec 1884 in Långbergsöda, Saltvik. They lived the first years in Långbergsöda but moved 1931 to Mariehamn. They had no own children but they took a fosterdaughter and she was Johan Gunnar´s brother grandchild. (as private email I will send information about the fosterdaughter)
Karin found then that Selma Johanna died 10 Jan 1950 in Mariehamn and her husband Johan Gunnar Karlsson died 11 Oct 1962 in Långbergsöda Saltvik.
Thank you very much Karin for your help!
Best regards,

PS. I have all Håkan Skogsjös books and I checked earlier his index of all individauls on the website http://historia.ax/index.htm and then "Personregister" but the index has not been updated with his last book
about Saltvik that was published Dec 2007. DS