View Full Version : Did they have children?

05-09-08, 16:17
Mickel Jacobsson Nikko and Maria Karolina Isaks:dr Saarenpaa were married 16-12-1863, they lived in the village of Seinajoki, possibly on farm Raumanni. Mickel died on 11-6-1868 in same village. Would like to find out if there were any children from this marriage.

June Pelo
05-09-08, 17:18
I found a marriage record on HisKi for the couple, and I found a death record for Mickel, he was 50. Mickel was a widower when he married. Birth records on HisKi for Sienäjoki cover 1816-1860, so it wasn't possible to see if they had children.

05-09-08, 17:45
Thanks June, I had come across that info and a death record for one child who died in 1865 at 1 year old, but was wondering if there was some other source for finding birth records other than the HisKi for this area; maybe a census or something like that?

June Pelo
05-09-08, 19:27
There are Finngen members who have information about Sienäjoki - perhaps you could contact them to see what they suggest. I found these in the Research Directory:

Michael A. Hemming, mhemming(at)execpc.com http://www.execpc.com/~mhemming/

Jouko Niemelä, lasilaakso(at)kolumbus.fi

Pentti Johannes Pesonen, pesonen.pentti(at)netikka.fi