View Full Version : Swedish Finns in Utah 1910 Ten names from a lodging house

05-09-08, 16:23
My husband's grandmother ran a Lodging house for Swedish Finns in Utah. On the 1910 US census the following were her boarders.

1) Annid Koleman b. abt 1886
2) Vick Ramber b. abt 1880
3) John Erickson b. abt 1884
4) Agust Wiot b. abt 1890
5) Frank Gustavson b. abt 1885
6) Amel Strom b. abt 1888
7) Frederick Lunduist b. abt 1881
8) Agust Sunstrom b. abt 1888
9) Otto Verot b. abt 1892
10) Lee Forshera b. abt 1882

All of the above are Swedish Finns between 18 and 30 years of age that lodged with Samuel Johnson and Erika Johnson. They immigrated to Utah USA between 1897 and 1909. They may have come through Canada and then taken the train to Utah. Annid is female, the rest are male. Most spoke Swedish but came from Finland.

I am interested in any information regarding the above individuals. Most particular I would like family stories regarding the time spent in Bingham Utah and if any of the above latter migrated to Michigan. "Sam" and "Rika" Johnson moved to Bessemer MI between 1910 and 1912.

June Pelo
05-09-08, 17:03
If you google Finnish boarding houses in Utah you'll get some hits. I found this one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_and_Ethnic_Cultures_of_Utah