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07-09-08, 13:03
His mother was Maria Sofia Ekros (Ekroos) from Kristinestad; his father was unknown.
He was born April 27th 1880 in Kristinestad. He went abroad, and was declared dead Januaruy 1st, 1972.
I have been sent a photocopied picture from a relative. On the back she has written:
Carl Fredrik Arne Ekroos (born 27/4 1880) with family somewhere in USA. Arne left for America when he was ca 16 years old. Rumour has it his wife was from Skaftung.

Can someone please help me find more info on him?

Karen Norwillo
08-09-08, 16:20
Here's your family in 1910-20-30 in Worcester, MA. He used the name Charles Ekross. Wife was named Selma and he had a big family. I will persue the children further. It looks like Charles died between 1920-30 as Selma was a widow in 1930. Will attach in another post.

Karen Norwillo
08-09-08, 16:21
Here's the 1930 census.

Karen Norwillo
08-09-08, 16:39
Here's what I found on the children so far. Girls will be harder to trace with marriages and name changes.
Ragnar P C (Carl) Ekross born 4 Sep 1903 and died 16 Apr 1988 in Worcester, MA. He used Carl.
Albert A Ekross 2 Dec 1913, died 10 Dec 1992 in W.Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA

Helen E or Ellen born abt 1904
Hilda E abt 1905
Gladys 1908 and
Gertrude abt 1918

I found a WWII enlistment for Albert in Army.He was single at that time,1942

Karen Norwillo
08-09-08, 17:11
I sent you a PM with possible Ekross contacts. I also found a photo online, but couldn't copy it, of the 1936 Worcster Girls Varsity basketball team showing a Gertrude Ekross. This was in the yearbook of Worcester High School of Commerce.

Karen Norwillo
08-09-08, 17:52
I found on the MA State Archives site, a marriage record for a Charles Ekross in 1903, Worcester, Vol 538, Pg 449, marriage. A copy can be obtained for $3.00 by writing to Mass. Archives 220 Morrissey Blvd. Boston, MA 02125. Be sure to include the info I gave you as to where records are located, vol and pg. I tried the same search using just the first name Selma and Selma Svenson is the only one who matches Charles info of vol and page. So this must be his wife. Good luck. Karen

Karen Norwillo
08-09-08, 23:50
From the MA Archives Vital Records, section Births, which ends at 1910, I found under several spellings of surname:

Carl R Ekrose Worcester 1903 Vol 534 Pg 449
Ellen J Ekroos Worcester 1905 vol 552 pg 491
Hilda E Ekrose Worcester 1906 vol 560 pg 480
Gladys O Ekrose Worcester 1908 vol 576 pg 495
All these are available for $3.00 each from the archives.

Karen Norwillo
24-11-10, 19:39
Found today from a member of RAOGK, Carl Ekross died 1 Dec 1922. I am attaching a copy of a page from the Worcester City Directory from 1923.
Unfortunately, he could find no obituary. He forgot to look for Selma's, but will do so on his next visit to the archives. He had car trouble, so that's why it took so long to get an answer. A copy of the actual daeth certificate is available from Worcester City Clerk for a fee if wanted. Site is http://www.worcesterma.gov/city-clerk/birth-marriage-death-certs I believe the cost is 14.00. I am enclosing the cover page from the directory for your sources.

Karen Norwillo
16-12-10, 20:25
Here's the obit for Selma. A very nice man from RAOGK in Worcester was kind enough to look it up and copy for me.
This is from the Worcester Telegram of 11 July 1973.

03-02-11, 13:26
Carl Ekross ,my uncle who lived with Gertrude and I,passed in 1988,he was a bartender at the Hotel Vernon for a long time,the adress in that obit mentions my grandmother at 41 Siegel st,where my mother Gert,was born!?????

Karen Norwillo
03-02-11, 16:13
What, exactly, is your question?

03-02-15, 03:24

I am Carl (Ragnar) Ekross's granddaughter - Carl had one child my father Donald. I am trying to do ancestry research on my grandfather's relatives. I found this to be very helpful. Could you tell me what the original surname was - I've seen Ekross, Ekroos, and someone suggested it might have been Ekroff. I'd love any additional info. I have access to the genealogy files in Boston and can do more research with the correct name.

Thanks, Amy

Karen Norwillo
03-02-15, 04:14
I don't know if you have this. Here is the birth record of Carl Fredrik Arne Ekros. I have found Ekros/Ekroos spelled both ways.

Karen Norwillo
03-02-15, 15:54
I believe this could be the birth of Maria Sofia Ekros 30 July 1860 to Sjöman (sailor) Carl Gustaf Ekros and wife Maria. If you take notice to the old handwriting an "s" often looks like a "f." Ekross would look like Ekroff.

08-02-15, 02:55
Hi Amy, Carl Ekross ,was my uncle .He tended bar at the Hotel Vernon for 40 yrs.? your father Donald ,I met a couple times.