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09-09-08, 00:36

My gr-grndmthr's sister,Hilda Lovisa,was b. 08 Jun 1880 in Malax & emigrated to America two times: 1) 25 May 1902; & 2) 16 Sep 1915. She apparently stayed because her death is recorded as 2 Feb 1968, Washington, USA.

I have also just learned that she was married to Alfred Isakss.Stolpe (b.6 Nov 1881, Malax; d. 6 Mar 1961, USA) and that they had 3 children born in US (Alfred Teodor Stolpe, b.12 Jan 1906/d. 01 Jan 1979; Helge Johannes, b. 13 Apr 1907; & Torsten Olof, b.26 Feb 1910).

I am presuming that Hilda & family settled somewhere in Washington state (based on her death notation) & would very much appreciate any help in learning where specifically they lived and if there are possibly any living descendants of her family. Would be most grateful for any ideas or help.
Christopher Hagstrom
New Britain, PA USA

09-09-08, 07:33
I see some by the name of Stolpe from Malax that were members of Runeberg lodge in Tacoma, Washington.

Name City of Birth Birth Membership dates Notes

Stolpe, John W. Malaks, Fin. 23/8/1888 20/10/12-1/1/1914 Isak Stolpe Malaks, Fin

I'll have to dig for a little more.

Karen Norwillo
09-09-08, 16:59
Here is some info from Ancestry, but the date of birth for Alfred Stolpe diifers from yours. Here's also the 1915 arrival of Hilda with the 3 children. You'll notice on Alfred's WWI Draft Reg, Hilda is listed as being in Finland. I found an Alfred Stolpe in 1930 in Mendocino, CA in a logging camp boarding house. Says divorced. In 1920 there's an Alfred Stolpe who's married, also in a boarding house. There's an Alfred Stolpe born 31 Mar 1881, died 6 May 1954 in Humboldt county, CA. I did not find Hilda on any census in WA. Karen

Karen Norwillo
09-09-08, 17:50
On Ancestry family trees, it appears that Alfred Stolpi went by the surname Mattler. I found the family in WA state. Hilda Mattler born 8 Jun 1880, died 2 Feb 1968 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA. Alfred Stolpi Mattler, born 1 Nov 1881, died 6 Mar 1961 in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor, WA. Children listed on that family tree are Albert. Linea, Thurston, Theodor A, John Helgi, all Mattler.
Theodore A Mattler 12 Jan 1906-14 Jun 1997 Hoquiam, WA
John H Mattler 13 Apr 1907-17 Dec 1994 Hoquiam, WA. Attached are some images. I wonder when Alfred started using Mattler instead of Stolpe/Stolpi?
So the Stolpe I found in CA aren't yours.

Karen Norwillo
09-09-08, 18:20
From the WA State Birth Index, Linnea Hilda Mattler born 19 Oct 1919 in Grays Harbor to Fred Mattler and Hilda Worgard (sp?) There is still a listing for an Albert Mattler in Hoquiam in 2002. He would have been born abt 1916-17. It says WA on the 1930 census, but I didn't find him on the birth index. Karen

09-09-08, 18:49
THEODORE A MATTLER - Social Security Death Index
last residence zipcode: 98550
birth date: 01/12/1906
death location: HOQUIAM, WA
lump sum payment zipcode:
reference number:
death date:

09-09-08, 18:59
In Grays Harbor County (Hoquiam's county), there are the following Mattler names:
Angie C
Clara J
Kimberly K

I'm going to PM you a couple of telephone numbers and addresses for Albert and Robert.

Karen Norwillo
09-09-08, 20:21
From two family trees on Ancestry
Theodor Alfred Mattler married Ruby Elizabeth Dixon 25 Jul 1915-25 Dec 1999 Hoquiam, Grays Harbor, WA. Married 21 Oct 1933. 3 children, 2 boys 1 girl. Will send names PM.
Thursten or Torsten married Clara, no other info.
John Hegi, born in Malax. Wife Beverly Rosalie Moan, 2 children, 1 of each sex.
Linnea Hilda married Bruce Quimby. No children listed.
Albert married Margaret, no other info.

09-09-08, 22:04
Ilmari & Karen:
Thank you so much! I'm always astounded by how quickly & how much you guys find... and how generous you are with your time & expertise.

I've just started to sort through your findings. I'll say initially it all appears to be the people I'm seeking in terms of first names & dates. However, I'm surprised by the surname Mattler. I know family names were changed alot, but I had gotten my original info on first names/surname from a probandus which came from Malax. The name Mattler doesn't appear in anything I have. Where would that have come from?

Thanks again & please do pass along anything else you find.

Best regards,

Karen Norwillo
10-09-08, 17:13
Kenneth A Mattler 8 May 1944-6 Nov 2000 Port Orchard, Kitsap, WA. He was the son of Theodor Mattler and Ruby Dixon.
Beverly Rosalin Moan 5 Apr 1915 Grays Harbor,WA. Father, William T Moan
Mother, Gladys Smith. This is John Helgi's wife.
The one family tree says Alfred and Hilda were married 1904 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN and that the first child Theodor was born in MN. This would need to be verified. Would be interesting to see what surname Alfred used.

10-09-08, 17:39
We've all seen the "normal" name changes. Names like Mäki turn into literal translations like Hill.

But my great-great uncle was a Kivistö, became a Kivinen (like all of my line in this country) and a mining boss in copper country had him change his name to Alinger.

Due to that gr-gr uncle passing on early, his father, my great-grandfather took on the Alinger name to ease the transition of his estate.

I find that most bizarre and totally unacceptable. I have cousins with this German sounding name now.

Go figure.:(

Karen Norwillo
10-09-08, 17:50
Found in MN Birth Index using Soundex, Mattlar, Baby 12 Jan 1906 mother, Hilda, Hennepin county. Certif# 1906-35262. This should be Theodor.
Here is the address for City Hall/Courthouse 350 S 5th St Room 105 Minneapolis, MN 55415. You should be able to get a copy of the marriage license of Alfred and Hilda in 1904. I don't know as yet the fee.

10-09-08, 23:24
Thanks for your input, Ilmari & Karen!

Regarding the change to the Mattler surname, someone from the Westside forum informs me that there are a few present-day Stolpe family members who live or have ties to a "Mattlar" farm area (they are still living there).I don't know where exactly that place is, but I'm working on it.

The supposition for the name change is that at some point before or in-between their 2 emigrations to America, Hilda L. & Alfred I. may have lived at one of the Mattlar farms. Ilmari, from Mattlar to Mattler-- also some kind of semi-Teutonic ring to mine, too.

Best regards,

11-09-08, 19:04

click the link below, shows the area in Närpes that has these names. (Malax is neighbor to Närpes / Närpiö [in Finnish].


Where is says Hakusana:
Type the word "Mattlar" and click on Hae

Then select one of the 5 that comes up

The click on Näytä valitut kartalla and it will bring you to the place on the map.


You can also click on Aeriel image to see the satellite image of the area.

Karen Norwillo
11-09-08, 21:03
On Hiski records for Malax, there is a Mattlar farm in Ytterby, Malax.

11-09-08, 21:31
On Hiski records for Malax, there is a Mattlar farm in Ytterby, Malax.

Yes, that is what Maalahti is, Malax in Finnish.

12-09-08, 00:21

Ilmari & Karen thanks for those new pieces of info! Someone responding to my Westside forum query mentioned that the Mattlar farm area was in Yttermalax near the church. I tried the map link which you posted, Ilmari, and
it was "bang" on: to the right of a church are the names Mattlar & Stolpe! I did the aerial satellite view as well-- excellent!

As always, thanks so much for all you're doing & please be in touch with anything else you may find.

All the best,

12-09-08, 00:27

Now you can use those coordinates to use google maps and see a full color version of the satellite imagery.

Have fun.

I see a Finland trip in your future.

The cheapest price is on Finnair / British Airways during a soccer / football match week between Finland and someone like Manchester United or others.

You SHOULD go.

EDIT: SORRY, I WAS ASSUMING YOU WERE FROM THE U.K. - simple minded these days, I am!