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09-09-08, 19:33
Yes, this is a commercial enterprise, so if that bothers you, you can remove it.

http://fidna.info/pmw/ Sale ends September 30, 2008.

At FinnFest 2008 in Duluth 38 new Finnish-American project members ordered their DNA analysis during the festival, 23-27th of July, 2008. Everyone can help American Finns - whose names you may recognize from your My Matches list - by listing your ancestor location in your User Preferences section. Many American Finns do not know the birth place of their own ancestor. But if their 67 marker test result happens to be very close to one of those who have a pin on the map of Finland, they can receive an excellent hint to which part of Finland they may have come from. The same concerns the deepest level matches of maternal line results. The ancestor name is not as important, but birth year and as accurate birth place as you know.

This is very good news for those that are interested.

I’ve had outstanding results, and will post about it if you are interested.

The Finland DNA Project will collect DNA data for persons who live in Finland, whose ancestors emigrated from Finland, or can trace a direct-line paternal or maternal ancestry to Finland. The data will be analyzed and reported for mutual access. Membership in the Finland DNA Project is free of charge, and the administrators are doing their job on a volunteer basis, with no financial connection to FamilyTreeDNA.

From this link order the DNA test kit sent to your home - you can access the results via the internet, password-protected. In the Finland DNA Project you will also participate in the comparison of the birth places of the ancestors of DNA relatives.

Test result from another lab? Join The Finland DNA project by ordering at special pricing a test result at The FamilytreeDNA. http://www.familytreedna.com/pdf/promo_gap.pdf

Special discount prices until the 30th of September for new DNA research customers (or if old customers order a sample kit envelope for taking a DNA sample from their relative)

Note that all discount offers concern a new DNA sample given by a male, except the lowest ones, the mtDNAs, which tests concern a new DNA sample given by a female, also.
Y-DNA12 orders include a FREE mtDNA test (Y-DNA12+mtDNA promotion price of $99; normally $189)
Y-DNA25 orders include a FREE mtDNA test (Y-DNA25+mtDNA promotion price of $148; normally $238)
Y-DNA37 orders price REDUCED to $119 (normally $189)
Y-DNA37+mtDNAPlus orders price REDUCED to $189 (normally $339)
Y-DNA67+mtDNAPlus orders price REDUCED to $288 (normally $409)
mtDNAPlus price REDUCED to $149 (normally $189)
mtDNA Full Sequence, $495 (in August $395)

Shipping cost $4 (in U.S.), $6 (other countries)

Reduced price for mtDNA full sequence testing.For a temporary period the reduced price of the Full Sequence Mega mtDNA test is allowed when the order is placed through the Finland DNA project:

361 dollars if the HVR 1 or HVR 2 level result has already been tested

Note: This kind of order must be placed - not using the ordinary order form - but writing the e-mail Finland Project FGS Special Order to:

juliew*familytreedna.com and the administrator of the Finland DNA project koskinen.lauri*gmail.com

The results will be seen on the personal result page of the FamilytreeDNA.com and sent. Comparison charts inside the same haplo group will be sent to each of those who have placed the order inside that main haplo group.

The special prices for the Finland DNA project (these to be ordered by e-mail to juliew*familytreedna.com and koskinen.lauri*gmail.com ) If a new male sample giver wants to order ALL, which FamilytreeDNA can test from both direct paternal and maternal lines, there is a special Finland Project price 999 dollars. From the father line it shows - depending on the which the haplogroup will be - about 67+59 markers, tells the result of subhaplogroup test and makes the Kittler test inside the DYS 385. From the mother line ALL gives the normal Full Sequence test result.

For those ones, who already have 67 markers, the special offer price 339 dollars gives the rest of the Y-DNA test results, about 59 additional markers and the subhaplogroup test result.

For those ones, who already have a mtDNA test result, the special price for the upgrade to Full Sequence result is 361 dollars.