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10-09-08, 20:48
Hello everyone !
I´m searching for ancestors to Nikolai Tsokkinen born 23 march 1913 in Harlu Karelia .He moved(evakuerad) to Nedervetil under the war and get married there with Emma Irene Johanna Skuthälla.He died 28 june 1989 in Nedervetil. I appreciate everything I could get.

June Pelo
14-09-08, 22:10

I know someone in Nedervetil who used to teach the Tsokkinen children in school. He will try to contact them. In the meantime, he said that Irene Tsokkinen died on Aug. 25th, this year.

14-09-08, 22:19
Hi June
I also know Rainer Tsokkinen who´s mother died .We try to do a research of he´s paternal ancestors.Thank you for your help.Maybe some of Rainers relatives know more.

June Pelo
15-09-08, 21:09
Hi Bert,

I got this information about Rainer:

Rainer said there is a family history about the Tsokkinen famlity. I managed to borrow the book from another member of the family and copied a few things from there. The book is actually mostly about a Kiema family, but the Tsokkinens are also involved. The book is in Finnish,about 500 pages with a lot of pictures from Karelia. I think it can be bought from erik.kiema*pp.inet.fi

15-09-08, 21:55
Thank you for the information.I hope you have a wonderful fall ower there.Greetings
Svea & Bert