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June Pelo
17-09-08, 00:40
Increase or Decrease Web Page Text Size

Are you having difficulty reading this web page? or any web page? Many people do not realize how simple it is to increase and decrease the display sizes of web pages. Here's how you can easily zoom in (magnify), zoom out, and reset the zoom level back to its default condition in seconds:

* To zoom in, press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the + key.
* To zoom out, press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the - key.
* After zooming in or out, to reset your web page’s zoom settings back to their original / default size, press and hold the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the 0 (zero) key.

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel situated between the left and right mouse buttons, as an alternative to using the keyboard, you can press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key, while turning the scroll wheel forward to zoom in or backward to zoom out.

NOTE: Macintosh users should use the Apple key (also called the Command key) instead of the Control key. Otherwise, operation on a Mac is identical to that of Windows and Linux.

This method of zooming in and out has been tested with and works well with the following web browsers:

* Mozilla Firefox v3.X and later.
* Microsoft Internet Explorer v7.x and later.
* Google Chrome v0.2.149.29.
* Apple Safari v3.1.2.
* Opera v9.5.1.

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