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Charlotte Söder
18-09-08, 11:49
I would like to know about August Mattsson Spån, born 09.05.1875 in Pörtom, if it´s possible to find anything.

He emigrated to Amerika in the late 1900th century, about 1897.
He left his wife Maria Sofia Dunder born 24.01.1877 and their daughter Hilda Maria Augustdotter, born 11.09.1895, behind in Pörtom. Later, the marriage was annulled, 18.09.1909.

August died in Amerika, but I don’t know when.
The latest I know about him is that he lived in Virginia, St. Lois, Minn., from a Registration Card, where his name is written August Matson Spain.

His nearest relative, on the registration card, is said to be:
Herman Stolberg, 207 Chrisnut st., Virginia, St. Lois, Minn.

After that I don’t know what happened to him. He didn´t get killed in the war, that much I know. I´d like to find out if he got married again, and if he got any more children.

August is my great grandfather. (My fathers mothers father)

I would be so happy, if someone could help me with this.

Best regards

Karen Norwillo
18-09-08, 17:27
I found August Spain on the MN Naturalization Records Index 1854-1957.
August Mattson Spain, Virginia county, Reel 6, code 213, vol 11, pg 101. This would be the info you would need to send for a copy.
Here is an August Spain in 1930 in the Milwaukee County Infirmary (Poor House) in Wauwatosa, WI. He is an inmate there. I did not find him on a list of the dead in their cemetery, but there were many just listed as unknown. I did not find him as yet in any other census. Says he's 54, widowed, Finland, US 1897, job-cleaning. He's on line 37.

Charlotte Söder
18-09-08, 19:47
Hello Karen!

Thanks a lot for your reply, I´m most grateful.
It says he is widowed, that must mean that he was married again, I wonder if he got any children?
Do you know where I can look for a presumed marriage?
and where to look for his death-date?

Best regards

Karen Norwillo
18-09-08, 21:11
Not sure where to look. Answers on these records are not always true. If he deserted his family in Finland, he may have just told people his wife was dead. Then again, it's possible he remarried. I've been looking for him in MN and WI between 1917 and 1930, but no luck. The Draft Registration was 1917-18 and his card says he had filed a Declaration of Intent to become a citizen at that time, so he was in MN at least until after he was naturalized and that happened in MN. You'd need to get the record to see what year. I'll keep looking. Karen

Karen Norwillo
19-09-08, 15:31
I checked the Iron Range Research Center and found only two references to August Spain. One is his alien registration in Cusson, St Louis, MN at age 42abt 1917, Roll 333, frame 1715. The other, the naturalization info I gave you earlier. Cost for a copy of this info 10.00. You can email them at yourroots at ironworld.com for info. I found nothing more in WI. Karen

Charlotte Söder
19-09-08, 21:00
Hello Karen

Thank you for your help. I´ll go on from there

Have a nice weekend