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19-09-08, 17:40
Hi all, my name's Laura, and I'm in Louisiana.

My grandfather was born in Nagu, Traskholm. (Forgive me, I cannot do all the accent marks, umlauts, etc.) He emigrated to the U.S. in 1916 as a seaman, then spent a while in England where he married, and my first uncle was born. They came over to the States again in 1930, and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. After he was widowed in 1937, he remarried. There were 6 children that survived to adulthood, my mom among them. The family name is Ohman.

Setting up a family tree is interesting, and I'm trying to find my Finnish cousins. I've been in touch with one who lives in Abo, and she's been sending me info from letters my grandfather sent home over the years. She actually pointed me this forum, because a member on here is apparently a second cousin (grandson of one of my grandfather's sisters), and was looking for info about my grandfather. She wrote to that member a while ago, and got no response. I just tried writing again, but if anyone knows where he is and can give him a shout, that would be great. His username is Rune, and it's possible that his surname is Mattsson, but I'm not certain about that. I'll be posting in the ancestor search forum shortly.

21-09-08, 16:24

I looked into the user profile and "Rune" hasn't been logged in since 2005. His email address isn't working either.

I searched in Swedish registers on-line and there were 54 Rune Mattson's listed. Hard to see which Rune is the right one.

The posts on Finlander by Rune are:


21-09-08, 16:38
He might be the person in table 239 I sent to you, Laura. He seems to have married in Sweden Huddinge so he may live there.


22-09-08, 07:54
Thank you to Hasse, Christina and Harry! The information you've given me should be enough for my cousin in Abo to reach Rune, and let him know about the cousins he was asking about 4 years ago.

God bless,

22-09-08, 09:43
RuneM seems to be participating Suku Forum. I sent him a private message. Propably the same person Laura is looking for.